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Welcome to Wild Voyager!

We are a small team of passionate travelers and nature photographers from India. We love traveling to exotic locations around the globe for wildlife and landscapes. We come from business and engineering backgrounds, and were working with top corporates before starting Wild Voyager. As we ventured for our wildlife and nature trips all these years, we got addicted to wilderness so much so to take this hobby as a full time profession.

With Wild Voyager, we invite you to experience these unique experiences from wilderness with us. Be it spotting a wild Tiger in India, going on a birding trail in India or Africa, chasing the Big Cats in plains of Kenya and Tanzania or following the Northern Lights in Iceland, we have done it all and wish to bring you alive to these crazy experiences in the wilderness. While the pleasure of enjoying these unique experiences is all yours, our team handles the pains of managing the complex logistics to give you a seamless experience of a lifetime. Enjoy some fun trivia about us and credentials here

We hope you enjoy the journey with us!

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Our destinations
Our destinations

Why travel with us

Exotic Locations

exotic locations We ourselves travel to unique and exotic locations in India and the World, and we will take you only to places which we love and have traveled multiple times before taking you along. Our itineraries are well researched and customised to give you the best experiences for the time you choose to spend with us.

Photography Assistance

photographyWe have some top wildlife and nature photographers on board. During the fixed departure photo tours, the trips are led by a photography mentor who provides on-field and off-field assistance. Off-field assistance includes help with camera basics, post-processing basics and resolving any queries.


safety Your safety is most important to us. While we often venture on unchartered territories to explore a new place, when we are traveling with you our first endeavour is to have you safe. From the Hotels we book, to the drivers who accompany us, to our guides, every thing is thoroughly checked to meet our safety standards.


conservation It is our responsibility to give back to nature what we take from it. Our trips are designed to inculcate an appreciation of the local conservation issues of the habitats the participants are traveling. The goal is to spread the awareness so that each one of us can contribute back in whatever little way we can.

Community Involvement

exotic locationsIt is our endeavor to involve the local communities in everything we do. We hire the local guides, drivers and other support staff in our tours so that locals of the land benefit from our trips.

Cultural Extensions

exotic locationsWhile our focus is on nature and wildlife trips, we understand that when you travel to a faraway land for a long duration, the trip is not complete without a savour of the local culture. So we have the options to include local heritage places and cultural events to make your trip complete.