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This five-day tour program offers a momentary view of Bhutan’s rich cultural and traditional heritage and picturesque mountainous landscape. The stunning country Bhutan, having amazing remarkable, culture, monasteries, mountainous landscapes,  and incredible fortresses like Dzongs, colourful religious dance festivals, outrageous archery competitions, trekking trails, stunning flora and fauna. In the singularly unique capital city of Thimphu, you will have the opportunity to see one of the tallest statues of Buddha and to visit the Memorial Chorten. You will also learn more about Bhutanese life, arts and crafts from the visit to the folk museum, the Institute of arts and crafts and the Institute of traditional medicines. One highlight is the visit to the Trashichho Dzong, the seat of the administrative and religious power in Bhutan and which houses the throne room. In Paro, for a memory of a lifetime, you can visit the memorable Tiger’s Nest temple which is perched high up in the cliffs, and also visit Drugyel Dzong, a fortress of historical significance. It is a journey of your lifetime, an experience that you will cherish forever, a memory that will never fade away.


Welcome to the Living Museum, explore the untouched natural beauty of the hidden Himalayan kingdom with us.



  • Glimpses of Bhutan’s cultural and historical heritage sites such as fortresses, monasteries and temple.


  • Hike to Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) monastery - one of Bhutan’s most sacred places. See how people live and learn about the traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan. Experience the local culture and taste Bhutanese cuisine. Visit the Bhutanese farmhouse and enjoy a hot medicinal stone bath 


Tiger's Nest Monastry, Paro


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  • Day 1: Arrival at Paro

    Paro – Thimphu:

    By Road in 1.5 hours


    The flight into Bhutan will give you a spectacular view of the Himalayan mountain ranges. On a clear day, you may be able to see Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.


    Our tour representative will receive you upon your arrival. The journey from Paro to Thimpu will give you the unique Bhutan experience. The drive will take you through the great views of rice terrace, winding Pho Chu and Wang Chu rivers, gorges and hills of Bhutan.


    Our representative will guide you to visit Kuenselphodrang Nature Park where a 169 feet statue of Buddha Dordenma, one of the largest statues in the world has been built which is made of bronze and gilded in gold overlooks southern entrance of the Thimpu valley.


    In the evening after some light snacks, visit the Memorial Chorten, a white-washed structure with a gold spire, is a revered Buddhist Shrine dedicated to Bhutan’s third king, Jigme Dorji Wangchuk.


    Night stay at Thimpu.


  • Day 2: Thimpu

    In the morning our representative will take you to visit the National Library established in 1967 for the purpose of preservation and promotion of the rich cultural and religious heritage. The Library holds a vast collection of ancient Buddhist manuscripts.


    Then our representative will guide you to visit the Institute of Traditional Medicine & Folk Heritage Museum.


    After lunch, you will be guided to visit the National Institute of Zorig Chusum (13 traditional crafts) and Jushina Paper factory where traditional Bhutanese papers are made.

    In the evening our representative will take you to visit Tashichho Dzong which houses the King’s Throne Room, monastic body & Government offices. The Dzong serves as the summer residence for the Je Khenpo, Chief Abbot & the Central Monk Body.


    Then our representative will take you to visit the Crafts Bazar in town As you enter the place, the ever-smiling Bhutanese people will welcome you. The shops are made of bamboo. While strolling through the market one can see the display of pictures, royal clothes, locally produced purses and other fabrics.


    If time permits, you will get to see Takin, Bhutan’s national animal at the national zoo.


    Night at Thimpu.


  • Day 3: Thimphu – Paro

    By Road in 1.5 hours


    After breakfast, our representative will take you to visit the Memorial Chorten and then drive to Paro.



    Visit Ta Dzong, the National Museum, housed in an ancient watchtower, which has Ta Dzong, the National Museum. It is a cultural museum. Ta Dzong means watch towers it was used to serve as a watch-tower and fortress to protect Paro Rinpung Dzong. The museum has different galleries which display anthropology, arms and armor, pre-history, textiles, decorative arts etc.


    After the visit to the National museum our representative take us to visit Paro Rimpung Dzong and a traditional wooden cantilever bridge. The fort was built on a hill above the Pa Chu River overlooking the Ugyen palace and the scenic Paro valley. A traditional cantilever bridge roofed with wooden shingles takes travelers across the river and onto a gently sloping cobblestone path leading towards Paro Dzong.


    After a light snack, our representative will take you to visit Kichu Lhakhang, one of the oldest temples in Bhutan built in the 7th century AD and stroll through Paro town.


    Overnight will be at Paro.


  • Day 4: Paro – Excursion to Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest)

    Paro – Ramthongkha:

    By Road in 35 mins


    After breakfast, our representative will take you on a  drive to Ramthongkha.


    Our representative will advise you to Hike uphill for about 2-3 hours to Taktsang Monastery (Tiger's Nest).  It is one most sacred sites in Bhutan. It is one of the most challenging monasteries to get to located at an elevation of 10,000feet, clings to a vertical granite cliff 3000 ft above the valley floor. One must visit this place when you visit Bhutan.


    Afternoon drive to Drugyel Dzong. The Dzong, now in ruins, is a place of historical importance. The Dzong was a fortress and Buddhist monastery, now in ruins, is a place of historical interest. It was built to commemorate the victory over an invasion from Tibet.  On a clear day, one can view the sacred Mount Chhomolari (goddess of the mountain) and can visit the KIchu Lhakhang(one of the oldest temple built in the 7th century).


    In the evening our representative will take you to a  very great experience of Hot Stone Bath, made of wood is constructed on a ground level. Traditionally these baths are done near a river bed with plenty of supply of stones and water. It is believed that it produces a medicinal benefit to many ailments such as pains and aches.


    This is followed by a typical Bhutanese dinner consisting of red rice local produce meat and Ema Datsa(Chili and Cheese) in a traditional Bhutanese House.


    Night stay at Paro. 


  • Day 5: Paro – Back Home

    Our representative will take you on an early morning drive to Paro for departure, at the airport.


    Tour ends