African Safari & Beach Holidays - Come Close to Wildlife & Nature
African Safari & Beach Holidays – Come Close To Wildlife & Nature

African Safari & Beach Holidays – Come Close To Wildlife & Nature

African Safari & Beach Holidays

Africa is a large and diverse continent. It is home to the greatest safari destinations. Rolling grasslands and exuberant wildlife are typical aspects of an African safari. But Africa is also known for its shorelines. Soft white sand beaches with azure waters are the top attractions of the continent. It is in Africa that one can enjoy game viewing with dazzling beaches. African safari & beach holidays are two trips rolled into one. 

Africa is the best location for safari and a tropical vacation combined. One of the largest populations lives in Africa. Along with a rich culture, there is plenty to see and do here.

Africa has some of the most famous national parks and reserves. During safaris, one can enjoy waking up in the African wilderness. Exciting game drives and other activities await the day. Spotting the Big Five animals in the natural environment is an extraordinary experience. Thrilling adventures include hot air balloon rides, horse safaris, and community visits. 

After completing game drives, a tropical vacation is the next stopover. Picturesque coastlines and dreamy islands are found all over Africa. Beaches are best to unwind and relax after experiencing safaris. The dreamy sunrises and sunset are best witnessed on the beaches of Africa. Distinct beaches have unique charms of their own. Some are popular for their water sports activities. Other beaches offer solitude and peace.

African safari & beach holidays are the perfect trip combination. It is ideal for anyone, from families to couples alike. It also allows travelers to plan their schedules according to one’s preferences.

What to Pick First – Safari Adventure or Beach?

Typically, itineraries are created to enjoy the safari part of your holiday first. The trip may conclude by spending a couple of days at the beach. However, this can also be interchanged according to the travelers. Safaris are fast-paced and require energy. Successful game viewing demands waking up early in the morning. It involves spending a good amount of time in the wild. 

Heading to exotic beaches is the perfect way to end your series of game drives. The coast’s palm fringed shorelines overlook the Indian ocean. Beaches are the best way to relax and unwind before ending the trip. 

African Safaris & Beach Holidays – Where to Go? 

African safari & beach holidays are getting more popular nowadays. If you put these two together, you can have the best of both worlds. This is possible if you know where to go. Several destinations work smoothly when combined together. As Africa is known for its safari sites, there is an equal number of pristine islands and beaches. 

Here are some of the top destinations for African safari & beach holidays:


Masai Mara

Masai Mara National Park tops the bucket list of every wildlife lover. It is one of the best safari destinations around the world. The park is characterized by beautiful savannahs and diverse wildlife. It is named after the Masai warriors which are the original inhabitants of the park. A family safari is best taken in the Mara.

There are many reasons to visit Masai Mara. For starters, it houses an abundance of wildlife species. The big game is easily spotted here. The predator-prey action in the park is dramatic. One can view various species of plain animals. Masai Mara is also a great site for bird watching. 

But what makes the Mara special is the wildebeest migration. Also called the Great Migration, it is an annual wildlife spectacle. Millions of wildebeest including zebras and gazelles embark on an expedition. They travel together from Tanzania’s Serengeti before halting in the Mara. The migration is best seen in Masai Mara. To witness the Mara River crossing is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Diani is a well-known beach, located on the coast of Kenya. It is one of the top beach destinations in the country. It has gorgeous soft sand, calm waters, and swaying palms. These transform Diani into a picture-perfect tropical site. 

Travelers can enjoy dhow rides on the beach. The dhows are traditional wooden boats or sailing ships. The coral reef is the richest in Diani. There are various activities available to explore the reef. Scuba diving and snorkeling are best enjoyed here. Bodyboarding, windsurfing, and kayaking are some of the water sports. On the beach, one can pay a visit to the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest. This tropical rainforest is home to the rare black and white colobus monkeys. Kenya is the ultimate place for African safari & beach holidays.



Serengeti National Park measures 14,763 sq km. It is known as the largest national park of Tanzania. The park falls under Tanzania’s northern circuit. It is one of the celebrated and well-established areas of the country. 

With a flourishing ecosystem, Serengeti offers classic African wildlife safaris. Serengeti is best known for its plain animals. These include gnu, zebras, impalas, gazelles, and more. Big cats are spotted in various habitats of the park. Serengeti is world famous for its presence of the Big Five animals. Dramatic sightings of predators chasing prey are seen. Alongside animals, the wild park displays beautiful landscapes. Woodlands, wetlands, and riverine forests are some of the varied habitats found here. 

The wildebeest migration is also seen in Serengeti. The Grumeti River crossing is the most anticipated event in the park. As the wildebeest attempt to cross the river, Nile crocodiles lurk in the waters to pounce on them. The park can be combined with the Ngorongoro crater. This crater is filled with picturesque sceneries. It further has a healthy population of animals residing there. 


Zanzibar Island is also referred to as Unguja. It is the main island in the archipelago of Tanzania. Zanzibar is significant from a historical and cultural perspective. Its white sand beaches are quick to capture one’s attention. Swimming and snorkeling are the most popular activities enjoyed here. Various luxurious resorts line up Zanzibar’s coastlines. This destination is popular for safari and beach holiday. 

A trip to Zanzibar also involves exploring Stone Town. It is an old trading center in Zanzibar City. Stone Town is alive with the intermingling of various cultures. Strolling through old buildings, mosques, and spice markets showcase the essence of Zanzibar. To appreciate the sunsets of the island, one can sit in any of the waterfront restaurants. Along with an exceptional view, they also serve the finest cuisines. 

South Africa

Kruger National Park

In the Southern Africa region, the incredible country of South Africa offers amazing safaris. One such site found in South Africa is the vast Kruger National Park. Its spectacular wildlife and scenic landscapes are exciting to explore. This park is nearly two million hectares of nothing but African wilderness. It is a top place to add in your African safari & beach holidays.

The park has a high density of animals and diverse bird species. It offers the best sightings of the African Big Five. Common eland, roan, nyala, and steenbok are some of the plain animals of the park. Endangered species like the African wild dog and rhinos are also seen. 

There are over twenty private reserves in Kruger. Safaris in Kruger’s private reserves are highly popular. It garners fewer visitors, more exclusivity, and sensational game viewing. Most of the private reserves have guaranteed sightings of the Big 5. 

The famous Sabi Sands is a private game reserve in Kruger. It has the best luxurious accommodation. Similarly, game drives at Sabi are private and thrilling. The lodges are tucked away at strategic locations that offer excellent game viewing. Thornbush game reserve derives its name from its landscape. It has open savannahs dotted with thorny scrubs and thicket. A private reserve also offers non-traditional activities such as nighttime game drives. 


Mozambique is an underrated destination for an African safari & beach holidays. There are direct flights available from Johannesburg to Mozambique. This Southern African nation has turquoise seas and never-ending coastlines. Sitting on Africa’s southeastern coast, Mozambique flaunts diverse landscapes. 

Mozambique’s coastlines are home to several regions. The beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago has four exotic islands. They boast more than one thousand species of coral, making them a scuba and snorkeling haven. The precious marine life of the Archipelago is protected by the National Marine Park. 

Maputo’s mainland coast houses livelier coastlines. They are most accessible for those driving by car from Cape Town. The beaches of Maputo are prime spots for surfers. The Quirimbas Archipelago is an idyllic island. They stretch from the prehistoric Pemba port in the south to the north’s Palma town. This archipelago’s islands are unexplored and far from man’s influence. The Quirimbas National Park acts as a sanctuary for its exceptional fauna and flora. 


Okavango Delta

Botswana is a premier country. It has many exquisite attractions. The unforgettable Victoria Falls is close to Botswana. One of the main places visited in Botswana is the Okavango delta. Okavango is situated in the middle of the Kalahari basin. It is the largest African inland delta. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Okavango Delta is approximately 16,000 sq. km. The delta is known for sprawling plains and a growing ecosystem. 

When the delta floods seasonally, it becomes a lush habitat for wildlife. The delta’s permanent waters attract a large game. A myriad of species including the Big 5, plain and rare animals reside in the delta. More than 400 species of birds are seen here.

In Okavango, the safaris are different. Instead of typical land safaris, wildlife viewing is unique here. In the delta, dugout canoes are used to sail past hippos, crocodiles, and herds of elephants. On the river bed, lions, giraffes, leopards and more seen quenching their thirst. In the eastern part of Okavango lies the Moremi Game Reserve. It is a picturesque and protected region. Other well-known areas of the delta are Khwai and Xakanaxa. 


Mauritius is an Indian Ocean Island country. This nation lies in East Africa. It is prominently known for its reefs, lagoons, and beaches. It has jungle-clad interiors bordered by soft golden sands. From the capital of Botswana, Gaborone, to Mauritius, there are direct flights available. Mauritius is a safe option for an African safari & beach holidays for Botswana. 

This tropical paradise comprises surreal seas surrounded by the Indian ocean. The country provides an abundance of natural beauty and adventurous activities. There are several notable shorelines perfect for a beach vacation. 

The La Cuvette Beach Grand Bay is known to provide a serene escape. It is a tranquil beach, ideal for nature lovers. One can enjoy serene sailing and yachting here. On the other hand, the Tamarin is a black sand beach. It is known to be the most beautiful out of all beaches in Mauritius. It is a haven for surfers and divers alike. One also has the chance of spotting dolphins in the waters of Tamarin.

There are various other things to do in Mauritius. The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden is worth a visit. To enjoy the country’s landscape, the Heritage Nature Reserve is the best. The Black River Gorges National Park is a great natural site. It protects the native animal and plant species unique to Mauritius. 


Volcanoes National Park

In the far northwest of Rwanda is the Volcanoes National Park. The park gets its name from the four dormant volcanoes found in Virunga. The highlight of the park is the volcanic landscapes and gorillas. Volcanoes National Park protects the steep slopes of the mountain ranges. They are home to endangered mountain gorillas. A visit to the park offers a rewarding and humbling safari experience. 

Traveling to this national park is different than other safari sites. The park is an important area that safeguards the mountain gorillas. There are treks organized to see the gorillas. Guides and rangers accompany the travelers. Volcanoes National Park is one of the few places to view the rare mountain gorillas closely in their natural environment. 

Aside from gorilla trekking, one can also choose golden monkey trekking. Mountain hiking and excursions to lakes like Burera are also some of the top activities. Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, is a tourist hotspot. Lying close to the national park, it is a place of historical and cultural interest.

Gisenyi Beach

After treks and hikes, Gisenyi is the ideal beach to unwind. It is found in the Rubavu district in the western province of Rwanda. Gisenyi is the country’s exotic beach situated in a charming coastal city. 

Gisenyi Beach offers the best relaxation with sophisticated accommodation. Travelers can explore its tranquil shorelines and enjoy water sports. The palm-studded beach is located in a lively city. 

Travelers can explore Gisenyi town at their own pace. Activities like boat tours, cruises, and swimming are available. One can also go on coffee tours around Lake Kivu. Gisenyi is small yet quiet. It is an ideal beach for those looking for solitude. It is also a great addition to the African safari & beach holidays in Rwanda.

African safari & beach holidays are the best way to experience Africa. Whether you wish to go for a budget holiday or a luxury one, there is a safari tour for everyone!

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