Best Places to Visit in Kenya | Kenya Holidays - WILD VOYAGER
Best Places to Visit in Kenya | Kenya Holidays – WILD VOYAGER

Best Places to Visit in Kenya | Kenya Holidays – WILD VOYAGER

Best Places to Visit in Kenya

East Africa is well-known for its popular countries. Mauritius, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe are just some of them. But one that attracts travelers from all over the world is dazzling Kenya. It is a destination noted for its excellent wildlife viewing. With vast savannahs, dramatic mountains, and a growing ecosystem, African wilderness is best experienced in Kenya. But this country is not just a safari spot. Kenya is rich in culture, urban and rural cities, and pristine coastlines. In recent years, Kenya holidays have gained popularity. Due to the country’s dynamic nature, there are several places to visit in Kenya.

Why Visit Kenya

Kenya is an authentic safari destination. Travelers of all kinds flock to the country to enjoy an original African safari experience. Holidays in Kenya are not only for adventure lovers but also for families and honeymooners. The diverse flora, fauna, and culture are bound to mesmerize everyone. Here are some reasons why Kenya holidays are famous:

Wildlife and Birdlife

From alpine snow, open plains, idyllic deserts, and dense forests to coral reefs and freshwater lakes, Kenya’s wildlife resides in each unique habitat. Kenya has around 25,000 animal species and more than 1000 colorful avifauna. It is here that one can see the African Big Five animals. These are lion, cape buffalo, leopard, elephant, and rhino. 

Giraffes, zebras, gazelles, impalas, and other plain animals are frequently spotted in Kenya. The wildebeests are known for their annual migration event. It is largely observed in Kenya’s Masai Mara. It is famous for being an incredible wildlife event. 

Kenya also houses a large number of predators. Cheetahs, hyenas, and endangered wild dogs are seen in certain parts of the country. The country’s birdlife is rich, including both endemic and migratory species. Kenya is a haven for avid birders. Rare bird species like Taita Apalis and Abbot’s Starling are a treat to witness.

Kenya’s growing wildlife and birdlife are witnessed in many of its national parks and reserves. Sanctuaries and other wilderness areas act as protected regions for wildlife conservation. 

Marine life

The coastline of Kenya is famed all over the world. The country is surrounded by the majestic Indian Ocean. Its soft white sand beaches and turquoise waters are excellent for a perfect beach vacation. Kenya’s underwater is home to vibrant marine life. 

Many of the beaches are ideal for relaxing and lazing around. But others are filled with adventurous water activities. Kenya’s beaches offer various diving spots. Travelers can try their hand at scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, and more. Kenyan beaches are the best places to visit in Kenya. They provide a break from the traditional game drives. 


No Kenya tour is complete without experiencing the country’s culture. There are distinct local tribes residing in the country. One of the main tribes is the Masai Mara. They are further divided into different variations, each with its own set of traditions and rituals. This tribe is among the original inhabitants of the land. Cultural interactions transform a Kenya trip into a special experience. Guests can learn more about the Masais and their lifestyles. 

Places to Visit in Kenya

Wildlife safaris are the top attractions in Kenya. National parks, reserves, and sanctuaries are the best places to visit in Kenya. There are other geographical marvels such as lakes, mountains, and valleys that are worth the visit. Urban cities throw light on the modern aspect of Kenya. The exceptional Kenyan beaches elevate your holiday to the next level.

Here are 8 of the beautiful places to visit in Kenya:

Masai Mara

Masai Mara National Reserve is perhaps the most famous safari destination in the world. The Mara is characterized by open savannahs, baobab trees, and thriving wildlife. The reserve is located in southwestern Kenya, bordered by Tanzania. It is known for its local Maasais who reside in the Mara.

Each year, the relatively small reserve welcomes thousands of tourists from all around the globe. It offers a world-class game viewing experience. One can spot the African Big Five along with an abundance of plain animals. Along with traditional game drives, travelers can enjoy hot air balloon rides over the reserve. It is the most sought activity of Mara.

One of the main reasons the reserve remains popular is due to the Great Migration. It is also called the wildebeest migration. During this journey, millions of wildebeests are joined by other hoofed animals like gazelles and zebras. They traverse annually from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Masai Mara, crossing two countries. This migration is considered to be a grand spectacle. It is best witnessed in Masai Mara. 

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli is notable for its fine location. The park is adorned by Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Under the shadow of the majestic peak, the protected reserve displays savannahs and dusty plains. Lion pride, allusive leopards, and other wild animals are easily seen in the park. Amboseli is one of the top adventurous places in Kenya.

Amboseli National Park is renowned for its big herds of elephants. It is home to over 1500 African elephants. It is one of the best places to visit in Kenya to get close to elephants in the wild. An extensive variety of wildlife and birdlife are available here. Spotted hyenas, Masai giraffes, and Grant’s zebras are some of them.

Not only can travelers enjoy exciting game drives, but also soak in the dramatic landscape of the park. Capturing the elephants and giraffes against the backdrop of Kilimanjaro is an experience of a lifetime. 

Tsavo National Park

Being one of the largest national parks in the world, Tsavo is a rugged place to explore. It is the oldest park in Kenya. Due to its sheer size, the park is divided into Tsavo West and East. Much of park is covered by semi-arid grassland and savannah. Tsavo West has a picturesque scenery comprising volcanic landscape. On the other hand, Tsavo East has open savannahs.

Tsavo National Park preserves the African Big Five. A number of various animals are also found. Vibrant avifauna like crowned cranes, ibis, and black kites are seen. Tsavo East is particularly famous. It boasts red-hued rocks and the beautiful highlands of the Chyulu Hills. Travelers can spot unique animals such as white-tailed mongoose and ground pangolins here.

Tsavo is the best place to visit in Kenya, especially for those seeking peace and solitude in the wilderness.

Lake Nakuru National Park.

Lying in central Kenya, Lake Nakuru is a shallow lake. It is one of the Rift Valley Lakes known as the soda lake. It sits in the heart of Lake Nakuru National Park. The landscape of the park is extremely scenic. It ranges from rocky cliffs to rolling grasslands and woodlands.

Lake Nakuru is one of the geological sites famous among tourists. It houses a wide array of birdlife. More than 400 species of birds reside here. One can spot bateleur, Abyssinian thrush, and crab plover among the many. The lake has an abundance of algae. This attracts thousands of greater and lesser flamingos. It is a common sight to see flocks of pink flamingos covering the lake extensively.

Some of the frequently seen animals in the park are lions, leopards, warthogs, and waterbucks. If lucky, one can even catch glimpses of the white rhino. The park’s Baboon cliff offers dramatic views of the surrounding area.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Rhinos are an endangered species. Today, very few rhinos have survived outside of protected areas. Poaching and habitat loss have driven them to extinction. Ol Pejeta is a protected land found in the Laikipia district of Kenya. It is an important conservancy that safeguards endangered species, mainly the rhino.

Ol Pejeta has the largest rhino population in the country. It is one of the best places in Kenya that protects and displays rhinos in their natural habitat. Regularly seen in the conservancy are the African Big Five and other hoofed animals. Baboons, hippos, and hyenas are also spotted.

Travelers can enjoy a plethora of activities in Ol Pejeta. Some of them include game drives, mountain biking, animal tracking, and community visits.

Hells Gate National Park

Hells Gate National Park sits northwest of Nairobi. It derives its unique name from the narrow break found in the cliffs. It was once a tributary of a prehistoric lake that served the early humans living in the Rift Valley.

The striking yet picturesque topography of the park is eye-catching. It is characterized by unusual rock formations, towering cliffs, and volcanoes. In the park, one can also find rock towers, geothermal steam, and gorges. Its high escarpments and deep valleys may remind one of the popular Disney movies, ‘The Lion King’.

In between the park’s gorges and canyons, rich wildlife resides. Cheetahs, lions, and leopards are spotted once in a while. Travelers can also witness the rare lammergeier vultures soaring above. Other animals in the park include buffalos, zebras, hartebeests, hyenas, and more. It is one of the few parks that allows travelers to walk around or cycle without a guide. This way, travelers can enjoy dramatic scenery and rich wildlife at their own pace.

Lake Turkana

Kenya has the world’s comprehensive record of human prehistory, covering almost 27 million years of background. The country is rightfully referred to as the ‘Cradle of Mankind’. It has the world’s largest collection of human-related fossils. Naturally, there are many places to visit in Kenya that are important from an archaeological perspective.

Lake Turkana is one such site. Formerly known as Lake Rudolph, it is one of the Kenyan Rift Valley lakes. Lake Turkana has been around the country for around 200,000 years. Its shores have provided water and food for organisms spanning millions of years. The lake is the main site for study. It helps scientists understand the age of discovered fossils found there. The region surrounding Lake Turkana is also an epicenter for similar archaeological discoveries. 

Across the world, Lake Turkana is the largest alkaline lake. Naturally, the birdlife here is plentiful. The lake has three islands that act as a stopover for migrant birds. It is also a breeding area for hippos and crocodiles. The main attractions of the lake are cultural visits, desert scenery, boat trips and birdwatching. It is one of the remote or hidden places to visit in Kenya.


Mombasa is a coastal city in Kenya. Due to its azure waters and white sand beaches, it is called the ‘blue and white city of the country. Its strategic location surrounded by the Indian ocean has transformed Mombasa into a trading center.

Diani beach is a popular beach located south of Mombasa. It is known for its silky white sand, pristine waters, and palm-fringed streets. Diani is a beautiful beach retreat, perfect for tropical Kenya holidays. Similarly, north of Mombasa houses the best beaches such as the Nyali. This beach has a beautiful coastline that is protected by a coral reef. It has luxurious resorts and several dining spots.

Kenyan Beaches are the top places to visit in Kenya. Travelers can indulge in exciting water sports activities. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming are the best ways to explore the rich Kenyan reefs. Moreover, these beaches are ideal for resting in between or after completing safaris.

Best Time to Visit Kenya

Kenya is a year-round destination. Each month offers something new to discover. However, the best time to visit the country is from January to February. These months have favorable weather and wildlife is relatively easier to spot. Safaris are best enjoyed during this time as the game viewing remains at its peak. It is the best time to visit Kenya with family.

To observe the annual wildebeest migration, June to October are the right months. During this period, one can witness the thrilling Mara River crossing. Kenya’s birdlife is best seen from September to April. These months mark the arrival of migratory birds from Northern Africa and Europe. At this time, many resident birds are seen breeding and nesting.  

The ideal months to visit Kenya’s beaches are from October to January. November is especially favored for its best weather conditions for snorkeling and diving. January and March display whale shark sightings near the Kenyan coastlines.

Make sure to remember the above-listed places to visit in Kenya. They are bound to create your Kenya holidays into an exciting adventure. 

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