Covid protocols for african safari

Covid protocols for african safari

As rightly quoted by the famous author Rudyard Kipling, ‘One cannot resist the lure of Africa.’  

Nothing can come close to the African wildlife and the rich culture existing in the continent. If you had plans to visit Africa but got disheartened due to the Covid 19, we feel you. 

However, as the travel industry slowly opens up, Africa has also started welcoming tourists. Strictly adhering to Covid– 9 protocols, many countries in Africa have opened up their borders for people all over the world.   

Upon reaching these countries of Africa, here are the important rules you need to follow:  

1. Botswana


  • Travellers need to present a negative Covid 19 test done 72 hours before departure to Botswana. This does not apply to passengers younger than 5 years of age. 
  • Travellers need to take a Covid 19 screening for symptoms at the airport.  
  • A mandatory quarantine will be required if a traveller shows Covid 19 symptoms while undergoing the PCR test. 


2. Kenya


  • Present a negative Covid 19 test certificate which must be obtained within 96 hours before departing from the home country.  
  • It is mandatory to fill ‘The Travelers Health Surveillance Form’ by The Ministry of Health. After the form is completed, passengers will receive a QR code that will be required to show to the airport health official during the process of immigration.  
  • There is no quarantine needed. 


3. Madagascar

Only the island of Nosey Be is opened for international travellers to visit as entry to mainland Madagascar is strictly prohibited.   


  • Most of the international flights, except for repatriation flights, have been suspended. 
  • A negative Covid 19 test must be presented which should be carried at the most 72 hours before boarding the flight to Madagascar.  
  • Sign and submit the letter of commitment health form acknowledging Covid 19 related measures in Madagascar.  


4. Mauritius  


  • A negative Covid 19 test must be submitted which should be undertaken between 5 to 7 days before departing for Mauritius. This does not apply to passengers younger than 10 years of age. 
  • Passengers must provide proof of a travel package including accommodation at a hotel for a 14-day mandatory quarantine.  
  • Passengers arriving in Mauritius need to take the PCR tests at their own expense on the day of arrival, the 7th day, and day 14 after arrival.  


 5. Mozambique  

A 21-day lockdown has been implemented in Mozambique from 15 January 2021. Beaches along with casinos, nightclubs, theatres, museums, and several tourist places will be closed. Restaurants have a specific time of opening and closing.  


  • Provide a negative Covid – 19 test result conducted 72 hours before departing for Mozambique.  
  • All passengers will need to undergo health screening tests.  
  • Passengers could be subjected to quarantine for 10 days. 


6. Namibia  


  • Present a negative covid 19 test done at least 7 days hours before arrival in Namibia.  
  • Undergo temperature check and health screening procedure.  
  • Provide a full itinerary of your trip. 
  • Passengers can be subjected to 7 days of quarantine. 


7. Rwanda  


  • The only accepted test is SARS-CoV-2 RT – PCR Test performed at the most 72 hours before departing for Rwanda. This does not apply for passengers younger than 5 years of age. 
  • Upload your negative Covid 19 Form and Passenger Locator Form.  
  • Any visit to Rwanda’s national parks requires to be scheduled within 72 hours of receiving the test result.   
  • Travellers departing from Rwanda need to test negative for Covid 19 performed within 120 hours before departure.  
  • Mandatory quarantine for 24 hours is required to wait for test results. 


8. Seychelles  


  • Visitors must have valid travel insurance along with full medical coverage.  
  • Travellers’ accommodations should be at licensed establishments certified by the Seychelles Public Health Authority.  
  • Passengers must have an approved health travel authorization. 
  • Those who have completed the vaccination process are welcomed from any part of the world. Vaccinated visitors need to show a certified vaccination certificate.   
  • For non-vaccinated visitors, permitted countries have been divided into two categories. They will need to go through mandatory health screening, testing and provide full details of their stay in Seychelles. Non – vaccinated visitors are required to quarantine for at least 11 days at designated Covid 19 establishments. 


9.  South Africa  


  • Passengers need to complete a ‘Travel Health Questionnaire’ 2 days before arriving and departing from South Africa.  
  • Submit a negative Covid 19 test result issued at the most 72 hours before departure. This does not apply to passengers younger than 5 years of age.   
  • Passengers may need to download the ‘Covid Alert South Africa’ mobile app. 


10. Tanzania  


  • A covid test done within 72 hours of departure is needed 
  • Adhere to full protective rules while staying in Tanzania. 
  • Complete and present the ‘Traveller’s Surveillance Form’ to the Port Health Authorities upon arrival in Tanzania. 


11. Uganda  


  • Provide a negative Covid 19 test obtained no more than 120 hours before departing for Uganda. This does not apply to passengers younger than 3 years of age. 
  • While departing from Uganda, present a negative Covid 19 test obtained within 120 hours.  
  • Undergo temperature and health screening checks at the airport.  


12. Zambia   


  • Provide a negative Covid 19 test conducted 7 days before arriving in Zambia.  
  • Complete and present a ‘Travel Health Questionnaire’ upon arrival. 
  • You will only need a Covid 19 test if the country you are flying to, from Zambia, needs a negative certificate.  
  • Obtain a Travel certificate from the Ministry of Health from Zambia. 
  • Passengers may be subjected to quarantine if they show any symptoms of Covid 19.


13.  Zimbabwe  


  • Present a negative PCR Covid 19 test obtained within 48 hours of departure for Zimbabwe.  
  • Mandatory to undergo health screening and temperature check at the airport.

One of the main reasons you can visit Africa and enjoy your trip to the fullest is going on the African Safari. Safari destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda are open for tourists while adhering to the strict rules of Covid 19. 


Reasons why you must choose an African safari, amidst the pandemic:  

  1. No Crowds – Whether you are enjoying your dinner or transferring camps, you will have no close contact with anyone. The safari cars also accompany very limited people and abide by the rules of social distancing.  
  2. Wider Spaces – There is nothing better than breathing in the fresh air, away from the busy cities. While embarking on a safari, you will stay away from crowds and safely experience camping, picnics, and game drives.  


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