Kenya Safari And Beach - The Best Places to Enjoy Vacations
Kenya Safari And Beach – The Best Places to Enjoy Vacations

Kenya Safari And Beach – The Best Places to Enjoy Vacations

Kenya Safari and Beach

Kenya introduced the world to the concept of safaris. This country in East Africa has a rich biodiversity. It’s every growing ecosystem contributes to the beauty of the country. Kenyan parks and reserves are popular for their wildlife. Epic game drives and wild activities are greatly enjoyed in the country. But there’s more to Kenya than wildlife. Kenyan coastlines are not only historically important but also interesting. Kenya’s beaches are among the top destinations for a tropical vacation. This makes the country an obvious choice for a Kenya safari and beach holiday. 

What is so special about safaris in Kenya?

Kenya is filled with adventures and thrills. The country offers authentic experiences of an African safari. It is the best country to spot the African big five animals in their natural habitat. Kenya is also responsible for showcasing the Great Migration. It is the biggest wildlife event in the world. Kenya’s wildlife parks and reserves are well-known worldwide. 

Scenic landscapes and diverse wildlife are scattered all over the country. A safari in Kenya boasts unspoiled natural beauty. It brings travelers up close to the intimate wildlife of Africa. The country has some of the best safari destinations in the world. National parks, reserves, and sanctuaries provide excellent game viewing. Each location is unique and different from the other. The Great Rift Valley runs through the heart of Kenya. Many Kenya travel safari tours take place in the valley. These involve trips to Lake Naivasha and Hell’s Gate National Park.

Alongside game drives, travelers can also enjoy various activities in the parks. Community visits, hot air balloon rides, horseback safaris, and more offer new ways to explore African wilderness. 

Kenyan Beaches – The Ideal Tropical Vacation?

Kenya has the image of being a safari hub. But its coastlines are gaining equal attention recently. Kenya is surrounded by the stunning Indian Ocean. Its soft white sands and palm-fringed shorelines are quick to capture one’s eye. The waters of the beaches are ideal to take a swim and relax. Many Kenya’s beaches are internationally renowned as well. 

Kenya also has colorful marine life. Its prominent coral reefs can be explored adventurously. Travelers usually enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving to delve into Kenyan marine life. Many of the beaches are a haven for surfers and divers alike. Kenya’s coastal towns and cities are also a reminder of its long history. African empires, Arab traders, and European settlers have all contributed to Kenya’s coastlines which are seen today. The coastal towns and cities are home to several important sites and attractions. Witnessing the coastal culture firsthand is possible during a Kenya safari and beach holiday. 

Kenya Safari and Beach Holiday – Best Places to Enjoy Kenyan Safaris

Be it a family trip, honeymoon plan, or a photographic safari, Kenya is one of the top countries for an African gateway. There are endless places to visit that showcase the lush ecosystem of the country. One can enjoy Kenya’s picturesque sceneries combined with wildlife for a better safari experience. 

Here are the top 5 places to include in your Kenya safari and beach holiday:

Amboseli National Park

It is in Amboseli that one can find the incredible elephant population. Included in the popular southern circuit in Kenya, the park is famed for its strategic location. It flaunts the backdrop of the towering Mount Kilimanjaro. It is African continent’s highest peak. Under Kilimanjaro’s shadows, animals like elephants and giraffes frequently graze. Being so scenic, it comes among the most photographed parks in the country. 

The variety of game here in Amboseli is remarkable. It is one of the best places to capture sightings of the Big Five. The park offers easy sightings of the residing game. They include zebras, cheetahs, buffalos, gazelles, and more. Other lesser-known and rare wildlife species also live here. During heavy rainfall, the center of the park floods. This attracts a wild range of distinct wildlife. By the river, one can observe animals near the marshlands. Birdlife also thrives in this park. 

The park’s topography is fairly flat. It means along with game drives, bush walks can also be enjoyed. The observation hill of Amboseli provides a unique vantage point of the park. 

Masai Mara National Reserve 

Another park in the southern circuit of Kenya is the Masai Mara. It is renowned all around the world. It is a land filled with abundant wildlife, gorgeous vistas, and endless savannahs. The reserve is home to year-round game concentration. It is also possible to see the Big Five in the Mara. It is a delightful park for photographers and nature enthusiasts. Your Kenya safari and beach holiday remains incomplete without visiting this reserve.

Masai Mara is responsible for hosting the Great Migration. This annual migration begins from Tanzania’s Serengeti before ending in Masai Mara. Millions of wildebeest and other hoofed animals embark on this expedition. This enormous herd of migrating animals attract distinct predators along the way. Due to this, predator-prey action is best seen in the Mara. While on land, lions and cheetahs are always on the lookout for their prey. In the river, the Nile crocodiles await to pounce on wildebeest attempting to cross the river. 

The vast plains of the Mara provide a broad selection of wildlife. But witnessing the park from a bird’s eye is a surreal experience. Masai Mara is the best place for hot air balloon rides. Soaring through the skies above Mara‘s ecosystem is often a once-in-a-lifetime chance. 

Tsavo National Park

At 22,000 km2, Tsavo is the biggest park in Kenya. This enormous wilderness region is also the world’s largest game sanctuary. The park is divided into two regions: Tsavo West and Tsavo East. Together, they form the largest conservation areas. Tsavo National Park is located in Kenya’s southwest region. It is a great addition to Kenya safari and beach holiday itineraries. 

Tsavo east is the most popular area of the park. It is famous for its huge herds of elephants that are frequently covered in red dust. The Mudanda Rock is also found here. This rock hangs above a natural dam which attracts elephants in large numbers. The Galana River and Lugards Falls are some of the attractions of Tsavo East. Predators like lions, cheetahs, and the elusive leopard are seen here. The park also has a good population of plain animals. 

Tsavo West is mostly comprised of a rugged and arid landscape. In comparison to the east, the west has lower wildlife densities. But overall, Tsavo welcomes fewer tourist crowds. This makes it a lesser-visited game park where private safaris are possible. With captivating landscapes and pristine wildlife, it is a great park to explore. 

Laikipia Plateau

The Laikipia plateau is a unique site to visit during a Kenya safari and beach trip. This natural oasis consists of conservations and ranches. It is found on the Northern Kenyan frontier. The plateau stretches from Mount Kenya’s slopes to the edge of the Great Rift Valley. An idyllic and lesser visited place, Laikipia is often called an escape to Northern Kenya.

The Laikipia plateau is nothing but an undiscovered ecosystem. This wilderness region covers more than 2 million acres of the African bush. Moreover, it is home to indigenous tribes like the Samburu, Boran, and Kikuyu. The plateau has unique and diverse habitats. Its vast plains are witnessed under the silhouette of the snowcapped Mount Kenya. Other stunning landscapes such as arid plains and beautiful hills are also seen. The plateau offers insolated yet tranquil safaris in a place where tourists are seen less in number. Game drive encounters various types of endangered species. Many of them are northern game species. These include Grevy’s zebra, black rhino, reticulated giraffe, and packs of wild dogs. 

Over a time period, conservationists have strived to develop Laikipia for wildlife and communities to exist hand in hand. They have also protected the region’s biodiversity. Most of the conservancies and ranches offer activities like horse riding, walking, and camel safaris. 

Nairobi National Park

Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, is the gateway to the safaris of the country. It is a city that displays a mix of rural and modern together. Inside the city, the Nairobi National Park is a famous safari site. The park is fenced on three sides to protect the animals. However, its southern boundary remains open. It allows migratory wildlife to move between adjacent parks and plains. 

This national park is unique in its own way. It is only here that one can capture wildlife against the backdrop of skyscrapers and buildings. This is seen in contrast to mountains or hills. The park has beautiful wide-open plains. Its sprawling acacia bush is home to distinct animals. These also include endangered species like rhinos, leopards, lions, cheetahs, and hyenas. Hoofed animals are plentiful here. With over 400 species of birdlife recorded, Nairobi National Park is also ideal for avid birders. 

The park is famous for offering picnic sites. There are also designated camping sites, walking trails for hikers, and game viewing activities. 

Kenya Safari and Beach – Best Kenya Beaches

Beaches are perfect to visit after completing game drives. Typically, safaris require energy and constant movement. Beach vacations are ideal to relax and enjoy a break. They help conclude your vacation on a refreshing note. 

Here are 5 best beaches of the country:

Diani Beach

Diani is undoubtedly the most popular beach in Kenya. It lies in the south of Mombasa in the Kwale County. It is surrounded by lush vegetation which sharply sets off against the turquoise waters and soft powdery sands. Diani is known for its radiant and charming appeal. It has vibrant coral reefs, extensive palm vegetation, and underwater sandbars. 

Diani boasts the best luxurious resorts, hotels, and restaurants. It is also an ideal hotspot for water activities. Most commonly enjoyed here are swimming and surfing. Those not keen of water activities can pay a visit to Colobus Conservation and the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest near Diani.

Nyali Beach

Nyali is a haven for those seeking solitude. It is situated just a short distance away from Mombasa. Nyali is an escape from urban settings. This isolated attraction offers a relaxing atmosphere. The beach and its calm waters are ideal for swimming. Sunbathing is most preferred here. 

Nyali sits close to the Mombasa Marine Park. It becomes easier for fellow snorkelers to explore the Kenyan reefs. Off the water, travelers can spend their time at Mamba village which is a reptile farm. Haller Park and Nguuni Sanctuary are also famous sites near the beach. 

Watamu Beach 

Unlike other Kenyan coastlines, Watamu does not stretch for miles on end. But it makes up for it by offering several adventures. Watamu is popularly called Turtle Bay. It is noted for its soft sand and clear waters. Watamu’s coral reefs create an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. This beach usually finds its way into Kenya safari and beach itineraries.

One of the top highlights of Watamu is the turtles. Sea turtles often nest on a stretch of Watamu, closer to the reef. Travelers can also swim with whale sharks during a certain time of the year. Off waters, the Arabuko Sokoke is a place to enjoy short safaris. The beach is nearby The Gede Ruins, a medieval settlement that is now abandoned. It frequently attracts those wanting to learn about the history of the ruins. 

Lamu Beach

Lamu Island is filled with nothing but glimmering white sand. The Lamu is a quasi-bohemian beach like any other. Along with the vast shorelines and the Indian ocean, Lamu houses ancient overgrown ruins. On Lamu Island, one can walk for miles on its deserted beaches. The most uninhabited island of Manda is the perfect spot for watching wonderful sunsets.

It is in Lamu that the best dhow rides are experienced. Dhow sailing is part of Lamu’s traditional culture. The locals also hold an annual competition of dhow races. Since they are the most common and cheapest transportation, one can ride dhows to travel in-between Lamu’s islands. One can also ride to the Kiunga Marine National Reserve, an incredible place for marine enthusiasts. 

Malindi Beach

Malindi is located adjacent to Watamu. It is one of the most popular places to capture breath-taking pictures of the Kenyan coast. Malindi flaunts an amazing climate, exclusive resorts, and scenic views. The crystal-clear waters coupled with white sands make it a perfect tropical paradise. 

Malindi is famous for its Swahili-influenced architecture, laid-back ambiance, and dhow excursions. Malindi has various water sport activities to choose from. Some of them are year-round snorkeling, scuba diving, and water skiing. Travelers can also head to the Falconry of Kenya. It is a private zoo that has the largest collection of birds of prey and other wildlife. 

Kenya is an exceptional country, offering both safaris and beach vacations. Make sure to include the above-listed destinations the next time you plan your dreamy Kenya safari and beach trip.  

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