Mt Kenya Safari Clubs - Finest Africa Mountain Vacation Lodge
Mt Kenya Safari Clubs | Finest Africa Mountain Vacation Lodge – Wild Voyager

Mt Kenya Safari Clubs | Finest Africa Mountain Vacation Lodge – Wild Voyager

The African continent’s second-highest peak is found in none other than Kenya. Mount Kenya stands over a height of 5000m, making it the tallest mountain in Kenya. This dormant volcano is an ideal trekking destination for travelers. Mount Kenya always finds its way into a Kenya vacations itinerary. Its scenic and spectacular landscape, unique wildlife, and lesser tourist crowds make this mountain favorable to visit 

Although travelers tend to flock to the neighboring Kilimanjaro often, Mount Kenya is not far behind. Mount Kenya has a growing ecosystem. It has jagged peaks, waterfalls, glaciers, valleys, and other geographical features. The mountain’s flora ranges from alpine moorlands to bamboo forests. These habitats are home to a wide range of animals like elephants, a small population of lions, white-tailed mongoose, and more. Mount Kenya is also a haven for birders as colorful species of sunbirds and turacos are spotted. 

Climbing the Mountain

Mount Kenya attracts avid climbers, trekkers, and hikers from around the world. Climbing the peak involves exciting game viewing, scenic vistas, and a sense of achievement. Mount Kenya offers many routes. The three main routes are Naro Moru, Sirimon, and Chogoria. Most travelers use this combination of routes to trek up and down the mountain. 

To safely trek the mountain according to your fitness level, it is better to choose organized treks. These treks include guides, porters, and essential gear needed for climbing the mountain. 

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club

If you are looking for a relaxing yet luxurious stay near the mountain, the Fairmont Mount Kenya safari club is perfect for you. It is one of the best and finest mountain resort-hotel. 

Situated in Nanyuki at the base of Mount Kenya, this property is spread across 40 landscaped hectares. It sits just 15 km away from the Nanyuki airport. The famous Samburu National Reserve is only a 2 -3 hours drive from the club.

The resort hotel has 100 luxurious appointed villas and hotel rooms. They are set over 400 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. It offers a beautiful blend of comfort, sophistication, and relaxation. The structure of the property is what catches the attention of the guests. The main structure of the resort reflects the colonial architectural design belonging to the 1950s. Combined with this is a luxury country ambiance coupled with individual quaint cottages. 

Fairmont has accommodation divided into guestrooms and suites. While there are two options for spacious guestrooms, the variety in suites is incredible. From the classic signature suite to riverside Raymond and garden suites, each unit is fully furnished. Many of the rooms offer gorgeous views of Mount Kenya. Fairmont also has the popular American actor William Holden’s original cottage which is open to guests.

There are many recreational activities available for guests. The hotel has an impressive nine-hole manicured golf course, meets international standards, and is surrounded by picturesque views. The Riuki Spa and Wellness at Fairmont is neighbored by the Mount Kenya forest. The spa center exceeds all expectations by offering outdoor yoga sessions, three spa treatment rooms, and the perfect wellness experience. For dining, the hotel has three upscale restaurants serving delish cuisines and a bar offering a relaxing atmosphere. 

Other hotel activities include fishing, horse riding, visiting the animal orphanage set within Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, nature walks, and bird watching. One activity unique to Fairmont is the equator ceremony. Since the line of equator runs through the Fairmont resort-hotel, the equator ceremony celebrates the guests crossing from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere. This celebration involves singing and dancing to local Kikuyu songs. 

Staying at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club is a special and unforgettable experience. It is the top hotel, offering upscale rooms, fine dining, and a range of exciting activities.

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