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Walking Safari In Kenya

Walking Safari In Kenya

You’ve heard of safaris involving jeeps and 4WDs. But do you know there is something known as a walking safari in Africa?  

While taking a trip to Africa, Kenya, the most integral part of our journey is embarking on an exciting safari. And walking safaris gives the most exhilarating experience of exploring the wilderness when compared to other safaris. A huge contrast to game drives, walking on foot provides a unique perspective of a safari in Kenya.  

What is a walking safari?

Walking safaris count as an adventurous activity where a tourist embarks on a slow pace, accompanied by the guide. The primary objective of this kind of safari is to make the travelers awaken their sense of the surrounding. Along the way, they encounter minute details that are often missed or overlooked when sitting in jeeps.   

What makes walking safari worthwhile and special is watching animals from a closer distance and feeling the thrill. But the aim of being on your foot for safari isn’t just looking out for the biggest animals. It is more about appreciating the finer details of the wilderness and looking at raw nature.  

In a walking safari, you aren’t merely observing your surroundings. The guide explains every detail you encounter, from various species of plants, insects and animals. This proves to be an even more intimate experience than a game drive.  

Duration and safety

Walking Safaris last for 2 to 4 hours starting from the camp. There are plenty of stops along the way to help you relax and unwind. If you’d like to take it up to the next level, there are multi-day walking safaris where you visit camp to camp. In some of the safaris, your camp also comes along with you!  

These safaris are safe with at least two guides and a ranger accompanying the tourists. Depending on the country, there may be a guide, a safari guide, and a national park’s ranger if the area has dangerous animals. One out of the two will always be armed in case any danger occurs.   

The guides go through rigorous training and know the routes like the back of their hand. Guides give a safety briefing to the tourists before the activity proceeds. Tourists need to follow specific instructions for a smoother and safer walking safari.  

Appropriate attire for a walking safari

You need to buy a lot of khakis colors as this is the only shade best suited for safaris. Bright and block colors are a big no as they can attract the animals, proving to be more vulnerable during a walking safari. Avoid red, yellow, white, and black as these are some of the worst colours.

Neutral colors are recommended that must be of a comfortable fit.


Walking requires a good and sturdy pair of shoes. If you plan to do morning walks, trainers are ideal. A multi-day walk or trek will require a pair of hiking boots.

High-rise waterproof boots are a must while walking along with the muddy forests, river crossing, or sandy terrains. For ankle protection, you can either wear long trousers or long socks to repel off insects.  

When does a walking safari occur?

Your walking safari trip usually starts in the morning so you need to rise early. The morning air is cooler and many animals remain active as well. Besides, nothing beats the crisp cool, and healthy air in the dawn.

However, morning safaris aren’t the only option as many camps start their expedition in the afternoon.  

Unique walking safaris in Kenya  

Take a look at these top 4 unique walking safaris in Kenya:  

1. Naboisho Camp  

Naboisho Camp is a homely place where you only get the best of your experience. With friendly people, home-cooked food, and comfortable accommodation, this place is perfect for relaxation. The camp is very famous for its walking safari.   

As the camp is situated in the Naibosho Conservancy, you can expect your safari to be fun wild, and adventurous. 

You will find yourself standing close to giraffes, pass gorges with varying heights and learn everything about identifying tracks and trails. The proximity to the wildlerness makes the experience to be highly delightful.    

2. Lakipia Wilderness Camp  

This camp offers a unique understanding of the walking safari, making it stand out from the rest. After a few hours of walking through valleys and hills, you will simply settle down and absorb the wilderness around you.   

These spots are perfected by the guides so you only experience the best of nature; the flutter of the butterfly wings, the water rushing by the river, and the grazing animals.  

The quiet spots at Laikipia Wilderness Camp will most certainly heal you and throw away the clutter of urban life.  

3. Saruni Rhino Camp  

Located in Kenya’s Northern Frontier, Saruni Rhino Camp is a boutique camp situated at the private Sera conservancy. It is a community-owned sanctuary, housing a small group of black rhinos.  

Along with the experienced guides, you will learn to walk along the tracks of rhinos. These aren’t your old-school walking safaris as you embark on an exhilarating journey behind the black rhinos themselves.  

Using traditional tracking methods, you can expect to come close to a group of rhinos in their natural habitat, flicking their ears and swishing their tails.  

4. Kicheche Valley And Bush Camp  

To conclude the list, we have Kicheche’s incredible multi-day trekking trip. You will start your journey from the beautiful Valley camp and move along the thick acacia woodland while keeping your eyes on big games.   

As night falls, you are welcomed for an extraordinary night under the stars, drinking and relishing home-cooked food. In the early morning, you will walk towards the Bush Camp and along the picturesque escarpment of Sekata Valley. While on your walking safari, there will be plenty of stops to take breaks and learn about the wilderness.  


Now that you are equipped with the basics of the walking safari and the best places in Kenya to embark on, don’t hesitate to add this activity to your safari bucket list!  


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