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Located in the Balkan Peninsular, surrounded by Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea in the south, Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently one of the favorite tourist destinations of the world. Leaving behind the relatively recent Bosnian War after the dissolution of Yugoslavia and its independence in the 1990’s, this European country has moved ahead with panache and grace. It is one of the fastest growing economies and its people are an epitome of hospitality and warmth. There is a great vibe of the east meets west culture, with a mingle of the Austro- Hungarian and Ottoman histories and visitors just cannot seem to be thrilled enough by the beautiful waterfalls, pristine forests, skiing, river rafting and reliving the historical significance of this country.

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We will have to start with Sarajevo for one, it deserves to be at the top ranking attractions that this country offers, and second that it is at Sarajevo that one lands and begins the exciting tour of the country. A perfectly blended concoction of the eastern Ottoman empires and the western European touches, this city did bear the maximum brunt of the effects of war, however, it is pretty much back on its feet and basking in its true identity of mixed cultures. The cobbled streets around Bascarsija or the Old Town, lined quarters selling sweets and handicrafts or the green domes that loom above bear the distinctiveness of the east, whereas, the City Hall and other administrative buildings are reflective of the western influences. The surrounding hills topography give the city a sense of exclusion, not to be mistaken though because the city does hum and drum with the usual business of a capital city. The Vrelo Bosne Park at the outskirts of the city, deserves special mention for its calmness and spotless environ.

Other cities that hold historical, architectural and cultural significance include, Mostar where the famous Stari Most or Old Bridge is found. The bridge crossing the Neretva River is a classic Ottoman construction. The Kajtaz House now a UNESCO site is full of artefacts and historical monuments.

The city of Visegrad is home to the Mehmet Pasa Sokolovic Bridge which is beautifully lit up at night and is also a UNESCO Heritage site.

Banja Luka is a green city, with many culturally significant sites such as the Kastel Fortress and Ferhadija Mosque.
Neum the coastal town along the Adriatic Sea is a quaint beach destination.

Jajce in the northwest is a splendid town perched on a hill with amazing waterfalls that crash at its base.
The town of Visoko is home to the Vranduk Castle and the four pyramid shaped hills, designated as the Sun, moon, love and dragon.

Bihac is the city on the Una River. The river runs through the Una National Park and is renowned for its stunning and gorgeous waterfalls.

Mt. Maglic, the highest peak in the country lies in the Sutjeska Park, which churns out some great views of the Sutjeska river and the magnificent Skakavac Waterfall besides the breathtaking landscapes.

Kravice Falls on the Trebizat River is an awesome work of nature and a must visit for tourists. Ideal for picnics this is one of the most picturesque landscapes of the country.

Bjelasnica and Igman mountains are almost synonymous with the Winter Olypmics. These are excellent for skiing and adventure sports.

Finally, there are the sand pyramids, the beautiful and unique formations in the midst of the forest.