Corporate programs

“The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed”
- Mahatma Gandhi

We live in an era of unprecedented technology. The world has been shrunk, studied, made safe. Transcontinental travel, perilous a century ago, is now a 15 hour affair where the most uncertain thing is the airline dinner. From blue sheep to blue whales, all the world’s mysteries are a YouTube video away. Our surroundings are secure, under control, predictable. Some of us feel that in the bargain, what our lives have lost is a sense of wonder. The fundamental human freedom of being able to venture into the unknown.

Getting close to nature give us the means to temporarily reclaim that in a controlled fashion. In these moments with nature, we transcend our mundane, predictable existences, and become the adventurers and explorers who wrote the book of human progress.

Here are a few ways we engage with corporate to help the employees connect with nature

  • Becoming ambassadors of planet Earth : We propose a series of unique team-building workshops where an organisation’s brightest and youngest minds are brought together at an ecologically sensitive spot, given a tour and asked to brainstorm for an idea that will help create a sustainable solution to one of the conservation problems facing the region. Tech companies can provide tech solutions, advertising agencies provide outreach ideas, and so on. At the same time, nature also teaches as much about patience and the power of stillness as a session of Vipasana
  • Finding unique exploration journeys : A Tiger padding through the undergrowth, northern lights rippeling under the stars, a trek to mount Kilimanjaro or swimming with the sharks, different people get a kick with different moments like these. With our corporate talks we take your employees through some of the most offbeat global nature adventure activities one can do in his lifetime, which become stories for generations to come.
  • MICE, in a different way : When you do your senior leadership and sales meetings, why not let them breath fresh air and do the meetings under a banyan tree or on a rolling hill slope, instead of packed air conditioned rooms. We organise leadership and sales meets in unique natural locations where apart from business discussions the participants also go close to their roots, to nature, and do things which they would do as a child. At the same time, they have the comfort and backup of ultra-luxury resorts to fall back on after a day’s work (or play!).
  • Photography workshops : These days everyone has easy access to cameras than ever before, with most smartphones producing high quality images and DSLR technology advancing at never before pace. With that comes a challenge, to utilise this technology effectively to pursue ones creative interest in photography. What better if one of our professional photographers come and gives a talk on basics of photography and how to use your equipment. It will remain an lifelong asset for the enthusiast shutterbugs in your organization.

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