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Costa Rica


Costa Rica located in the isthmus of Central America is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. This tiny country accounts for 0.03% of the earth's total landmass, it nonetheless is home to a fantastic range of flora and fauna, in fact containing 5% of the entire world's biodiversity. With 25% of the country's area constituting of national parks or falling under protected areas, Costa Rica takes its wildlife and wildlife conservation very seriously, managing to recently eradicate deforestation to zero percent.

Its sustainable tourism, including adventure sports, hiking, surfing along with its rainforests, lovable wildlife coupled with the simplicity and pure way of living by its local population, Costa Rica beckons one to unravel the mysteries of this small nation that holds environment and related policies as well as its stunning landscapes to high regard.

Known for its volcanoes both extinct and active, Costa Rica finds itself amidst towering misty volcanic peaks, its rich coastlines and lush rainforests. Balancing its energy needs, incorporating wind and hydro energy forms as well protecting its wild lands and animals through a number of laws, Costa Rica is a haven for those who advocate and relish sustainable methods of life.


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