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Croatia can often be termed as an epitome of natural beauty with its picture-perfect landscapes and stunning geographical features. It is also one of those rare countries, where the biodiversity, eco-regions and natural habitats take center stage in a way that the country is often identified by these. With the Adriatic Sea to its south, and surrounded on the other sides by the European nations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Hungary, Croatia holds a distinct and renowned identity of its own in the world of nature, marine and wildlife enthusiasts. One of the most fascinating aspects of Croatia are the thousand-odd islands that are scattered across the Adriatic out of which only 48 are permanently inhabited. Some of the famous islands, such as Krk, Hvar and Mljet are ecology centers on their own, boasting of a stunning topography and biodiversity. It is estimated that Croatia is home to about 37000 species with more than a thousand species that are endemic. These figures alone speak volumes of the staggering variety and numbers of different marine, wildlife, avian species.

The northern region is hilly, whereas, the flat plains in the east are crisscrossed by multiple rivers such as the Drava, Sava and Danube. However, the Karst topography that probably tops the illustrious list of natural wonders that find expression in various forms. For a nation where tourism is the main driving economic force, Croatia is a land of gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, highlands, islands and forests.

Interestingly, the country from where the necktie was introduced to the world, with the 'cravat' being worn by the Croatian mercenaries in the 17th century, Croatia is not only a naturalist's hotspot but also, a great place to find a mingling of different cultures, cuisines and traditions. With Zagreb and Dubrovnik as the main urban centers of Croatia, each hosts architectural, historical and social places of interest fervently coupled with a great cafe and night life culture.


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