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Croatia can often be termed as an epitome of natural beauty with its picture-perfect landscapes and stunning geographical features. With the Adriatic Sea to its south and the European nations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Hungary around it, Croatia holds a special identity in the world of nature, marine and wildlife enthusiasts. Croatia also includes the thousand-odd islands scattered across the Adriatic out of which only 48 are permanently inhabited. Some of the famous islands, such as Krk, Hvar, and Mljet are ecology centers on their own, boasting of a stunning topography and biodiversity. Croatia is home to about 37000 species with more than a thousand species that are endemic. It has 444 protected areas that include 8 national parks, 2 reserves, and 11 nature parks, but the Karst topography probably tops the illustrious list of natural wonders. These figures alone speak volumes of the staggering variety of marine, wildlife and avian species that makes the country a dream-come-true for a wildlife enthusiast on Croatia holidays. 


Interestingly, the country from where the necktie was introduced to the world, with the 'cravat' being worn by the Croatian mercenaries in the 17th century, Croatia is not only a naturalist's hotspot but also, a great place to find a mingling of different cultures, cuisines, and traditions. With Zagreb and Dubrovnik as the main urban centers of Croatia, each hosts architectural, historical and social places of interest fervently coupled with a great cafe and nightlife culture.


Holiday Ideas



Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and is possibly the best start to all Croatia vacation packages with its Roman architecture, cobbled streets, cafes, plazas, the beautiful Sava River and the backdrop of the majestic Medvednica mountains. There are many museums here that will give you a glimpse into the history of Croatia and the culinary delights of this culture. 


A medieval harbor town, Trogir is the mixing pot of the old culture and the new. The old town founded by Greeks is a UNESCO World Heritage Site while the beaches, nightlife, and bars make it a must-visit place on Croatia active tours

Plitvice National Park

If you are looking for a wildlife adventure, Croatia has one of its oldest national parks to offer. The park has over 16 lakes and 90 waterfalls. Located in the Karst mountain region, the park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique topography and numerous endemic plant and animal species. 


Known for its art and culture, Split is one of the most mesmerizing places to visit in Croatia. Diocletian’s Palace, art museums, the Cathedral of St. Domnius and the music and art of the town immediately engross you into a cultural experience. 


A picturesque town along the Adriatic sea, Dubrovnik is another step into the history with its old town, beautiful cathedrals, the fort, the Placa, the Gates and of course the Ancient Wall (that reminds you of Game of Thrones). The town has recently gained popularity also for its water sports activities making it a hot-spot for Croatia active tours

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