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Located in central Europe, Slovenia is known for its mountains, forests, adventure sports, lakes and brown bears. These added with the medieval structures and endearing cultural interactions, make Slovenia a country worth exploring.


Surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia is in many ways a mix of various cultures and cuisines, as well as, eco regions and biodiversity. With almost fifty percent of its land area forested and much of it under hilly terrain, Slovenia is also extremely well watered with numerous rivers and streams. The Karst topography is seen mainly around Lake Bled and the Postojna caves, Skocjan caves are the main natural landscape attractions of the country. The magnificent underground river and cave sequences make for excellent, distinctive and memorable views.


For wildlife lovers, Slovenia is the one place where the Brown Bears are sighted frequently. These grizzly beasts are the wildlife mascots of the country where they are found in their natural habitat in the forests.


Holiday Ideas


Lake Bled

Lake Bled with its clear turquoise green waters surrounded by the Julian Alps, the Bled castle and a quaint village nearby is a true European landscape you cannot miss on your Slovenia holidays. There’s a 6 km walking trail that takes you around the lake and lets you enjoy the scenery from different viewpoints. The lake is famous for various water sports like rowing, canoeing, fishing and other activities that can be done in the vicinity like hiking, biking, horse riding and golfing. 


Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and will be the start of your Slovenia tours as soon as you arrive at the international airport here. It is famous as one of the greenest cities in Europe with numerous parks and lots of greenery. Even though modern in every sense, the city has retained its old-world charm and remains from the Roman era can be seen in its architecture. Some of the attractions not to be missed here are the Ljubljana Castle, Cathedral, Central market, Dragon bridge and the Ljubljana river itself. 

Triglav National Park 

Located about 60kms from Ljubljana, the park is full of lakes, waterfalls and beautiful landscapes suitable for all ages on Slovenia travel. During summers, visitors can take any of its various walking trails to explore the wildlife, birds and plant life of the park. In winters, the frozen waterfalls are a great spot for guided ice climbing tours. 

Notranjska and Kočevska

The region known as Inner Carniola has many lakes, rivers, and caves that are a must-include in your Slovenia vacation packages. One of the first regions in Europe to become popular for its natural beauty it is also a culturally rich area with a mix of Sloven, German and Austrian influences. The cuisine also reflects the Mediterranean and the Balkan influences on the Slovenian cuisine. 

Postojna Caves

Part of the Karst landscape, the caves were formed millions of years ago by a river eroding through the region and forming the second largest cave system in Slovenia. In modern times the caves became famous tourist attractions in Slovenia vacation packages due to their involvement in both World Wars. The stalagmites and stalactites of the caves are worth seeing. 

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