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Robes, high rise buildings, sandy deserts and an oil-related booming economy are some of the ideas that pop up when one thinks of the Middle East. Assigned a list of stalwart countries and cities, that each are holders of ancient civilizations and history, the Middle East is often a misunderstood term when it comes to modern geopolitics. However, no matter what, the Middle East with its old world charm coupled with fantastic modern amenities and architecture is a prized tourist destination because of the warmth of its people, its melodious languages, its wonderful cuisines and its ability to retain the aura of fundamentals while trudging along with the future.

The place from where Judaism, Christianity and Islam emerged and spread, the melting pot of different religious and spiritual differences as well as where a number of migrants have set up home and shop from across the globe the Middle East stands out on the global map as a unique conglomeration of diversity, underlain with a subtle cultural unity.


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