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Dimapur is though not the capital but the largest city of Nagaland. The scenic beauty of Dimapur is awe inspiring. The city is drained by the River Dhansiri River. The city of Dimapur is a fast growing city of the state. The city has several temples and astonishing ruins of the Kachari Dynasty. The district is at an altitude of 145m with an average temperature of 28˚C. The city of Dimapur was the capital city of the Kachari community. There is a debate about how the city got its name. Few think that the city means the city by the great river in the Kachari dialect. While the others feel that the name is derived from the name of a Succubus (she-demon) Hidimba, who was important in the Hindu Epic Mahabharata. The place has been ruled by Dynasties like the Kachari, Ahom and others. The place was also an important battle field between when the Japanese attacked during World War II.



The population of Nagaland comprises of 16 tribes. Christianity is the Major religion followed by Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. During the winter carnival of Nagaland BASN proposed the celebration of the hornbill festival in the state. It is a weeklong festival which is held at Kisama Heritage Village, Nagaland. People also celebrate Christmas and other religious festivals

Where to go

Triple falls is the most popular site in Dimapur. The falls is name thus as three streams fall down the cliff making 3 beautiful waterfalls. The water falls from a height of 280ft. the falls is located in the Seithekima Village of the Dimapur district. The area of the falls as well as the surrounding area is maintained by the Govt of Nagaland. The falls is a good place for those who like trekking. Kachari Ruins is another of the popular places in Dimapur. The place is considered to be the ruins of Temple and embankment made by the Kachari Rulers. Here you can find a series of well carved pillars. These pillars are small in height and have an umbrella like dome, and are therefore known as mushroom pillars. The region is said to be ruined by the Ahoms when they invaded Dimapur in the 13 th century. Shilloi Lake is one of the popular tourist’s spots in  Kohima. The shape of the lake resembles a foot and it is situated in the Heart of Patkai mountain Range of Nagaland. The locals here believe that a holy child resides at the bottom of the lake. This belief is one of the reasons that the lake untouched. No fishing activities are done here. The water from the lake is not even used for drinking; washing etc. the surroundings of the lake is mesmerising providing a scene to behold. The Hong Kong Market is a huge market in Dimapur. The place used to be a local market place but eventually with growing visitors it became a tourist spot. There are variety of things sold in the market. Right from the thing we need daily to the things of > fashion and luxury. Rangapahar Reserve Forest is a good place to visit near Dimapur. The place is a home to several endangered species of fauna. The animals found here are deer, goats; chital etc. the place is a home to many beautiful birds which you can find flying overhead. Ntangi Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to a wide species of animals and birds. It is spread over an area of 200 km sq. there are elephants, monkeys, bears, deer, storks etc found in the sanctuary. The sanctuary is a lovely place to visit. It is under the protection of the Nagaland forest department and also Nagaland Tourism department. Other places to visit near Dimapur are Diezephe Craft village, Green Park, Zoological Park, Nagaland science centre etc. In Nagaland one of the biggest and the most elaborate festival of India is celebrated. This is the Hornbill Festival. The festival is known as Festival of Festivals because of its grandiose nature. Every year the festival is celebrated from 1 st December to 7 th December and is organised by the Govt of Nagaland. The festival is a way of the government of promoting the culture of Nagaland also promoting tourism in the State. There are several events spread across the 7 day festival. The festival is held in the Kisama Heritage Village of Kohima District.

What to buy

The handloom items made by the people of Nagaland are a good pick. Shawls, vests and other locally made items are worth purchasing. People of Nagaland are equally skilled in making Handicraft. These items can be used for decoration, storage and even as furniture.

How to reach

Dimapur has its own Airport. Dimapur Airport is the nearest to Kohima. It is a 2 hr drive from Dimapur to Kohima. The airport of Dimapur is domestic and receives flight from major cities of India. From here taxi or bus is to be taken to Kohima. The nearest railway station is too at Dimapur. The station of Dimapur receives regular trains from Kolkata, Guwahati, Delhi etc. from the station cab is to be taken to Kohima. Kohima is accessible by road. It is well connected to cities like Imphal, Dimapur, Guwahati and cities of nearby states.

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