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Reposing in the southern province of Maldives, Feydhoo is one of the archipelago’s islands that are inhabited by various fauna and fauna. The residents of Feydhoo island, formerly sheltered in the Gan islands. While Feydhoo may not be as fertile as Gan, it is luxurious with wealthy timber, green vegetation, and serene beaches. The leafy streets backed up by tight-knit housing blocks are testimony to the unique culture, history, and natural vegetation of Feydhoo islands. Neighboring the Fedhyoo islands are the Maradhoo islands accompanied by some smaller islands that create beautiful scattered geography when looked from the sky. Fedhyo island is a jazzy mixture of a laid-back lifestyle, semi urbanization, and tourism.


Location: Maldives

Nearest International Airport: Valena International Airport, Male

How to reach: 15 mins by Ferry from Male airport

Famous for: Vibrant island with lot of water activities

Best time to visit: November to April


Things to do: Turtle Snorkeling, Dolphin Watching,

Snorkeling day trip,

Scuba diving,




Feydhoo Island covers an area of 49 hectares and is about 537 kilometers away from Male, the capital of Maldives. Fedhyoo offers a calm and soothing climate to the guests with a little help from its natural beauty and greenery that blends perfectly with its ceaseless seashores. The best time to visit this astonishing place is between December and April, because during this period the weather is dry with a little sprinkle of rain, making it ideal for guests. The option of Winding Walkways and other amusing sports, like snorkeling, diving, and fishing are always available. Another less adventurous option would be cycling to explore the islands.


The Gan international airport is only at a distance of 4 kilometers from Feydhoo. Tourism is one of the mainstays of Feydhoo islands, with many guests and holiday homes dotting the islands. White sand streets dotted with coconut and palm trees help maintain the temperature of the island cool even on hot sunny days. Travelling Maldives and Feydhoo is an experience of a wholesome holiday.


Must to-do things in Feydhoo Islands.


Visit Kattey Magu/Eedhigali Kilhi

Located in the northern portion of Feydhoo island- the region is cherished with trails that lie above the shadow of coconut trees, making an excellent trail for strolling and cycling.


An island excursion tour to Hulhumeedhoo island and explore the beauty of white sandy beaches. There are two scheduled rides per day between the islands. The timings vary depending on the day of the week.


Enjoy the soothing sunset and sunrise at the island – Beaches offers the best views of sunrises and sunsets, with the addition of walking on the white sand that appears orange when dusk and dawn strikes.


Hunt for the perfect Instagram-able pics – There are plenty of spots that will help capture the perfect image – the oceans, tall coconut trees, bridges, sunsets, and many more. Feydhoo is the ideal place to sharpen one’s photography skills.


Ride a bicycle – Walking and Cycling is the best way to explore the pretty island.


Taste a tender coconut and relax by the ocean – Tender coconut is easily accessible on the leafy streets of the island.