Do you know that feeling you get when you visit a new place, and it instantly feels like home? Well, that is how travelers feel when they visit Tasmania's capital city, Hobart. Apart from being a bustling financial district, Hobart is a very famous travel destination that attracts travelers from all over the globe.

Hobart impressed George Bass (British navigator), who discovered this southernmost Australian city in 1798. Five years down the line, Philip Gidley King (Governor of New South Wales) named it Hobart town after Robart Hobart, the 4th earl of Buckinghamshire.

The history of Hobart is like a compact version of Australian history, which revolved around the period of aboriginal occupation, followed by the British Colonization, the days of the convict, and the industrialization during the twentieth century.

Sandwiched between Antarctica towards the south and Melbourne towards the north, this Tasmanian city is full of adventures and natural wonders. The port city resides on the waters of the Derwent River, and the most dominant feature of Hobart visit is Mount Wellington, which has a height of 1271 meters. The air around Hobart is clean and has a slow pace to suffice the high standards of living in this city. Be it the booming markets, the deep history, and the picturesque landscapes, Hobart has it all.


Location: South-East Tasmania

Nearest Airport: Hobart airport

How to reach: Regular flights from Australian cities to Hobart

Famous for: Capital of Tasmania with a vibrant culture

Best time to visit: All year round


Attractions: MONA, Mount Wellington, Historic Waterfront

Shop: Salamanca Market, Farm Gate Market, City Centre

Eat: Chic Franklin, Frank, Aloft

Drink: Cascade Brewery, Jack Greene, New Sydney Hotel

This beautiful Tasmanian city will enthrall you with its beautiful hills and stunning waters.


Top Things to do when you are in Hobart:

Explore MONA

The Museum of Old and New Art tops the list amongst the Hobart sightseeing places. Founded by David Walsh in 2011, this museum is full of contemporary art in huge galleries. The best time to visit MONA is during the weekends, as you can enjoy local music along with a glass of wine.

Hike uphill to Mount Wellington

Often called "The Mountain" by the locals, Mount Wellington offers a spectacular view of the whole Hobart city and the Derwent River. Upon ending your summit, you can catch stunning panoramic views of the Tasman Peninsula, Bruny Island, and Hobart.

Visit the Farm Gaze Market

The best way to start your Sunday morning of Hobart sightseeing is by visiting this market. The market acts as the ideal place to have breakfast as it offers endless food stalls that will make you want to try everything. If you want to eat something fresh and local, then this is the place for you to be.

Enjoy the Salamanca Market

The Salamanca Market brings the laid back Hobart life into zeal on every Saturday. Being one of the most famous tourist attractions, you will find hundreds of crafts and food stalls inside the market. To have a look at the whole market, you should try to reach there by 9 am.

Don't Miss out on the Battery Point

Dating back to the 1800s, the Battery Point is a suburb that housed the batteries of guns used by the people in the Coastal Defence of Tasmania. Surrounded by beautiful rose bushes, small and independent boutiques, winding roads, and cottages of Arthur Circus, you can enjoy some delicious food at quaint cafes in this neighborhood.

boats docked at waterfront in hobart


Hobart carries a very relaxed and laid back culture, and the locals are extremely friendly. Since Hobart was a convict's city earlier, you can not expect french culture around the whole city. Even though the city is not as Urban as the other Australian counterparts, the balance between modern and traditional values makes it a perfect place to relax your senses. Even though the population of the city is less, you will observe a lot of cultural richness in the locals. You will find everything in Hobart visit, from the best orchestras to the best writers in this port city.

hobart city view

Food and Drinks:

Known for its breezy weather, Hobart is one of the best places in Australia when it comes to food and drinks. From its weekend markets to the fancy restaurants, all the food outlets are full of people eating delicious food. Hobart is not as laid back as it sounds as it has the best nightlife that you will experience across the whole Australian continent. With a lot of breweries emerging, your Hobart visit will be incomplete without you visiting one of the breweries in the city. Try the fresh oysters with a glass of smooth whiskey under the big skies of Hobart to experience the time of your life!

hobart city aerial view