Kamchatka Kamchatka tour



Kamchatka is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, which captures guests with its scenic beauty. It is a huge Volcanic Peninsula situated in Russia, and it is home to many plant and animal species. Reaching the place and exploring it takes a lot of time and effort, but it is safe to say that every second spent in this place is absolutely enjoyable. Almost all the guests leave this place carrying beautiful memories.

Kamchatka has 300 volcanoes, out of which 29 are active volcanoes, which attracts hordes of guests. Apart from volcanoes, the place has rich biodiversity and is home to some birds like puffins, snow geese, emperor geese, spoon-billed sandpipers, and many other attractive birds. It also accommodates Kamchatka bears, reindeers, and walrus. It is the best place to see brown bears on this planet.


Location: Russia

Nearest Airport: Petropavlovsk-kamchatsky airport

How to reach: By road and helicopter from airport

Famous for: Brown Bears,


Best time to visit: May to September


Mammals: Brown Bear, Red Fox, Arctic Fox, Hare, Sable, Mink, Wolf, Lynx, Elk, Reindeer, Snow Sheep, Otter, Seal, Fur Seal, Sea-lion, and Sea Otter

Birds: Steller’s Sea Eagle, Golden Eagle, Peregrine, Rock and Willow Ptarmigan, Black-billed capercailye, Long-tailed Hawk, and Owl. Partridges, Capercailye and Swans


Kamchatka is one of the most remote and largest natural sanctuaries in the world. With countless rivers, hot springs, lush-green natural parks, wild cliffs, and an enchanting coastline, the place definitely feels like heaven on Earth. If seen from above, Kamchatka is shaped like a Salmon fish, swimming from Russia towards Japan. Spread across 500,000 sq km, this place offers a nice blend of volcanoes and wildlife.


group of bears near a water body in south kamchatka reserve in russia

Kamchatka Wildlife

The wildlife of Kamchatka is truly spectacular. Being a natural sanctuary with picturesque landscape, the place is tremendously loved by nature enthusiasts. It is thebest place to see brown bearsroaming leisurely in search of salmon (their food). Apart fromKamchatka bears, the place also houses musk ox, reindeer, and Pacific Walrus. Take a further trip inland to spot the snow geese.


dramatic clous on the background of kamchatka volcano in russia


There are more than 100 different varieties of birds in Kamchatka. Some local Kamchatka birds include red-faced cormorant, black-throated, and rough legged-buzzard. One gets to spot many colorful and attractive birds and can enjoy the beautiful chirping of the birds. Steller’s sea eagle, a majestic bird, searches the water for salmon and is considered to be the leader of the entire pack.


giant sea otter in the waters of kamchatka, russia


Kamchatka is a land of ice and fire and is adored for its enchanting beauty. The place is home to more than 300 volcanoes, and almost 29 of them are active. The beautiful bright colors and bubbling steam make it a picturesque location. In 2013, four volcanoes erupted simultaneously and provided a surreal picture.


closeup of a large male moose buck standing in a forest on kamchatka, russia


Cruising in Kamchatka gives an opportunity to take a step closer to nature. An expedition in the water while learning about unique species of flora and fauna helps people understand and admire the biodiversity.


steam erupts from the valley of geysers on kamchatka peninsula, russia

Valley of Geysers

Geysers are the natural springs that discharge water and steam. All Geysers have their own frequency and different types of eruptions. The canyon is a valley of Geysers and is 8 km long, 400m deep, and 4 km wide. There are many canyons in Kamchatka, which have hot springs and geysers.

Hot lakes, mud volcanoes, steam jets, boiling springs, aid in all modern thermal activities.