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Komodo Island


Indonesia is filled with wonders that can be defined as to see when they are still there. One of such wonders is the Komodo Islands. The archipelago consists of the Komodo National park, one of the last habitats of the world’s largest lizard. Along with the majestic and endangered Komodo dragon, the Komodo National park also offers the sight of various other animals during the hiking track. Hiking is one of the most famous activities in the park. One can also opt for snorkeling and diving into the great blue sea and swim with manta rays. Explore the home of sea turtles, play with dolphins and catch the sight of small sharks in the waters. The beaches offer a pristine view of the horizon and wash the guest with a refreshing wave of tranquility.


Location: Indonesia

Nearest Airport: Komodo International Airport

How to reach: Komodo is connected with Bali and Jakarta

Famous for: Komodo dragons and natural beauty

Best time to visit: April to December


Things to do: Walk with the Komodo dragons, Swim with Turtles at Turtle Island, Catch the sunset at Sebayur Island, Sunbathe and snorkel at Kanawa Island, Snorkelling at Sabolo Island, Hike to the viewpoint at Kelor Island, Swim with Manta Rays at Manta Point, sunrise at Padar Island, Visit the pink beach


Why visit Komodo National Park:

If the rare sight of the Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard is not enough to convince someone to visit the Komodo islands andKomodo National Park, then the natural beauty will. The landscape of islands is picturesque wherever you look. The pink beaches will mesmerize the onlookers and the clean and pristine seawater will beckon to take a dive in it. The place is a calm retreat for those who want to get away from crowded cities for some time. Spend your mornings swimming with schools of fish and mantle rays. The experience is one of a kind.


Seeing the Komodo Dragons

One can see the Komodo Dragons lying around the beach on a hot day. There are a lot of treks available in the Komodo National Park which one can challenge with the help of a guide. They will take you through the best places where one can spot the lazy Komodo Dragon. But do not be deceived by the docility that it shows. The world’s largest lizard is impossibly fast and quick on its feet. The guide will protect you from their attacks.


Things To Do:

Hiking: In the Komodo National Park, one should go on an excursion. There are several hiking trails that are available in the national park and one can choose according to their fitness and time. These hikes will bring you closer to the beautiful landscape of the Komodo Island and the endangered and endemic species of flora and fauna found here. And of course, during the hike, one will have encounters with the star of the tour, Komodo dragon.



Manta Points: The locations around the beaches where one can find schools of Manta fish are the most famous ones. These manta points are frequented by guests who wish to have the experience of swimming with the manta and other colorful fishes that crowd in the waters. It will uplift and excite anyone’s mood.



Komodo National Park: This is the abode of the terrifying and interesting komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard. With the proper guidance of an expert, one can visit the places where these majestic beings lie and watch them from a safe distance. Never get close to a komodo as they are very quick and can even attack the guests. One will be safe with a guide and by following the rules.



Scuba Diving: Get ready with a waterproof camera because the sights will mesmerize and one will definitely want to keep the memories with them forever. The scuba diving experience around the Komodo Islands is one of the most beautiful ones. One can glimpse at the unknown underwater world, watch the colorful coral reef, and swim with schools of fish.



Cunca Waterfall: While exploring the Komodo Islands, Cunca waterfalls are a surprising sight. Hidden inside the lush greenery of the island, the beautiful and colorful waterfall will dazzle you with its untouched beauty.



Rangko Cave: Another hidden gem of the Komodo Islands is the Rangko caves. The caves are accessible by boat and is a tiny place which will make one wonder how this unique place came to existence.



Local Cuisine:

Going to a country with a rich culture and not enjoying the local taste makes the tour incomplete. Enjoy lip-smacking food such as fried fish, grilled squids, and other delicacies. There are various restaurants in Labuan Bajo, the town near the Komodo Islands, where one can experience the authentic, rich flavors of Indonesian cuisine.