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Lake Bled



Location - Slovenia

Area - 1.45 sq km

Nearest Airport - Ljubljana

Nearest Railhead - Ljubljana

How to reach - 55 km from Ljubljana via road

Famous for - Glacial and tectonic past of the Lake Bled Castle

Months Open - Throughout the year

Best months to visit - May to September


One of the most popular tourist attractions of Slovenia is spectacular Lake Bled. The clear turquoise green waters of the lake have a glacial as well tectonic past. The lake looks splendid amidst the wondrous mountains of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke. A church is also situated on a small island in the middle of the lake bled. The small town of Bled lies adjoining to the lake in the Upper Carniolan region of Slovenia.

What to see

Gorgeous Lake Bled, Lake Bled Castle, Rowing, Hiking trail, Thermal springs, Vintgar Gorge Slovenia


Formation of the lake

The lake bled is believed to be located within a tectonic basin. However, the Bohinj glacier that flows from here carved the bed of the lake to some extent but it could not erode some parts of the glacial valley. This leads to the formation of an island in the middle of this lake. With climatic changes, the ice of the glacial melted to form the lake. Today the lake is 2120m long and 1380m wide with a depth of 30m.

Things to do

    • Adventure Activities at lake bled SloveniaSummers are a great time to visit the lake with a number of things to do. The 6 km hiking or walking trail around the lake is a perfect way to explore and indulge in the beautiful surrounding of the lake and its landscape. During a walk, one can admire the scenic view as well as ducks and native birds flapping over the lake’s surface, and the lake bled castle situated elegantly on the top of the hill. Rowing is a popular water sport over here and it is also hosting the World Rowing Championships from the last couple of years. Besides rowing, many other adventure activities like canoeing, hiking, biking, horse riding, fishing, golfing are also organized here. In fact, lake bled Slovenia is the starting point of the long hiking route that ends at Triglav National Park.
    • Lake bled ChurchThe island also has a church dedicated to the ‘assumption of Mary’ and is a popular spot for weddings and ceremonies. The church has a story of bells attached to it. It is believed that the pope himself gave the church a bell in the 16th century after the original bell was submerged in the bottom of the lake by a weeping widow on the demise of her husband. The tradition of ringing the bell happens during the Christmas celebrations. The island has 99 steps and the tradition is conducted for the newlywed couple, where the groom carries his bride and climb on these stairs.

  • Lake bled castleThe lake bled Castle was built in the 12th century and has a museum called ‘the castle cellar’ where one can learn to make the traditional wine as well traditional manual printing work at the printing works section. Watching the splendid view of the lake and the surrounding mountains from the castle are one of the most mesmerizing experiences. The lake bled castle is also used as a wedding destination and for important state and diplomatic meetings.
  • Thermal Springs Thermal Springs formed as a result of tectonics disturbance is also situated in the northeast region of this lake. Today this hot spring is converted into three swimming pools that come under the Bled hotels, the Grand Hotel Toplice Park, and the Golf Hotels. Over the period of time the lake bled has also become popular as a healing destination. Credit goes to the Naturopath Dr. Arnold Rikki of Switzerland, who has contributed immensely to make lake bled a famous health resort.

  • Vintgar GorgeVintgar Gorge is also not too far away from Lake Bled and is also a famous tourist spot. One can see the magnificent gorge with its wooden bridge, art galleries, and stunning waterfalls. One can also relish the popular cuisines of the lake bled at several cafes and restaurants surrounded by scenic landscapes and picturesque surroundings. The creamy pastry known as ‘Kremsnita Orkremna Rezina, is one of the best dishes of lake bled. Every year a dedicated festival is organized for this famous pastry. Lake Bled is a breathtaking location that brings one close to nature. The clear waters as seen in pictures look even more clear and clean when seen in reality. Undoubtedly lake bled is Slovenia’s priceless gem and is full of nature’s beauty.

How to reach

Lake Bled is 55 km away from Ljubljana and easily accessible by public or private transport.


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