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Lake Manapouri was created by glacial action that took place around 20,000 years back. Beautiful Lake Manapouri is located within Fiordland national forest and it is the Te Wahipounamu Globe Heritage site. The lake is surrounded by spectacular mountains. Lake Manapouri is commonly described as the 'loveliest' of all the lakes. It has an archipelago of 33 tiny islands, stunning Sanctuary Chain of mountains, native bush-clad sides, sandy coastlines, and coves. The serene township of Manapouri lies on the shores of the lake and the Waiau River (populace 300). Lake Manapouri is also known as a synergist for ecological development in New Zealand after power generation became evident in the 1950s. Lake Manapouri has the power plant at its West Arm which is operated under strict controls. Originally called Roto-at (the coastal lake) by early Maori and afterward Moturau (lots of islands), this lake has an area of 170 kilometers and the deepest point at 444 meters.


Location - South Island, New Zealand

Area -  142 km²

Nearest Airport -  Te Anau Airport       

How to reach -  Via flight

Famous for -  Camping sites and lakes

Months Open -  All year round

Best Time to visit - June to August


Kepler Track, Dusky Sound trails


Doubtful Sound

From Manapouri, you can travel to Doubtful Sound, the deepest and also the second largest lake of New Zealand's fiords. Sometimes called the 'Sound of Silence' Doubtful Sound is the second-longest (40 kilometers) and the deepest (421 meters) of the South Island's fiords. Like various other coves in the area, Doubtful Sound includes two different layers of water that don't blend. The initial few meters have freshwater that comes down from the surrounding mountains. The salt water from the sea forms a layer beneath this. The difference in refractive index between these two layers makes it hard for light to penetrate. As a result, many deep-sea species such as black coral grow in the shallow depths of this lake. Doubtful Sound has some fantastic falls, that look spectacular during the rainy seasons. In the Hall Arm, the Browne Falls cascades 619 meters, and Helena Falls at Deep Cove tumbles 220 meters. Wild animals further adds to the beauty of this place. Visitors can spot bottlenose dolphins, hair seals, and penguins. Trips to Doubtful Sound starts with a bus journey from Manapouri and ends at Wilmot Pass. When you reach the cove, you can travel in a sea kayak or cruise ship.


Kepler Track

This mind-blowing track was created to reveal the best of Fiordland - hills, native forest, falls and glacier-carved valleys. Unlike several other multi-day walks, which advanced from Maori greenstone tracks or pioneer exploration routes, the Kepler Track was customized - developed for a pleasurable experience. Opened in 1988, the path was very carefully planned to show walkers all the best features of Fiordland such as moss-draped woodland, exotic birdlife, mountain ranges, cascading falls, vast glacier-carved valleys, exuberant river flow, and sedimentary rock formations. The track's building makes it easy to walk on it. 

Glow Worm Cavern Scenic Tour

Manapouri is a magnificent little drowsy village set on the glittering coasts of Lake Manapouri and is only a 20 min drive from Te Anau. Manapouri glowworms caves are strange and unusual in itself. Most Manapouri glow worm cavern scenic tour starts from the adjoining Lake Te Anau and ends at the lake in Fiordland National Park. Throughout this tour, visitors can admire the beauty of nature, flora and colorful landscapes. Enjoy watching Manapouri glow worm cave in disbelief as the cavern's ceiling looks like the star-studded night sky due to these incredible little creatures. 


 Culture and Natural beauty


If you love digital photography, then the spectacular landscapes and breathtaking scenic views of Manapouri will keep you busy with your camera lens all the time. Manapouri arts, digital photography and cultural destinations are the major attractions of Manapouri tours in New Zealand.  You can do outdoor activities at Fiordland National Park's nature and enjoy learning about Maori and Victorian European history. Manapouri's digital photography and cultural tourist attractions will thrill your imagination with its elegance, scenic beauty, and isolation from civilization.


 How to get there

There are direct flights from Queenstown to Te Anau Airport.

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