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Location: Karnataka

Area: 184 km 2  (71 sq mi)

Nearest Railhead: Mangalore Central, Mangalore Junction and Surathkal railway station 

Nearest Airport: Mangalore International Airport

How to reach: via road from airport/railway stations

Famous for: Port, Beach

Months open: All year

Best time to visit: September to April


Mangalore, known as Mangaluru, is a port city of Karnataka. The city has a beautiful location

with mountains of one side and sea on the other. The city is named after the goddess

Mangladevi. Mangalore is known for its sea food as much as it is known for its ports. The

city has several beautiful beaches and temples and mosques and churches. It is the largest

city of the southern Kannada District and also is an administrative capital there. The city

experiences a tropical monsoon climate. The best to visit is from October to March.

The city has an ancient history. It was earlier a part of the Madras Presidency and has been

ruled by several dynasties such as Nayakas, Hoyasalas, Mauryans, and Kadmba etc before it

finally fell in the hands of British in 1767. The city became a part of Karnataka state after

independence. There are several references of the city in the works of travellers like

Ptolemy, Pliny the elder, Greeks etc.

What to see


What's Here: Town Hall, Our Lady of Rosary Church, Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara Temple,

Tannirbhavi Beach, Shiva statue



Karnataka is home to people from different ethnicities. There are Kannadigas, tuluvas,

konkanis, todas, Buddhists, and many more. The culture here is full of colours and music and

moves. The performing arts include Yakshagana, Bharatnattyam, Ranga Shankara, Ninasam,

Carnatic music, Gamaka, and many more. The people of Karnataka can still be seen in their

traditional attire i.e. saree and dhoti.

Where to go

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple is a popular tourist place in Mangalore. Shri Narayan Guru who

belonged to the Billava community is credited with the construction of the temple. The

temple houses the idol of Gokarnanatheswara a form of Lord Shiva. The architecture >

the temple resembles that of Tamil Nadu. There are several murals here that tell


mythological legends to the people who come here. The temple has a 60 ft high gopuram

which is decorated with finely sculpted figures.

There are several beaches in Mangalore like Surathkal Beach, Panambur Beach, Mangalore

Beach, and Ullal Beach etc. The beaches in Mangalore are worth visiting. These beaches are

open to public and also people can go in the water to play. The Arabian Sea is relatively

friendly. There are several sports activities on the beach which are provided by the locals.

Few hours to an entire day can be spent at the beach. There are cafes and restaurants too

on the beaches. From few beaches you can even see the ports and huge ships being

uploaded with items of export.

Sultan Battery is another of the frequented places in Mangalore. It is a watch tower built by

Tipu Sultan. It was very useful to keep an eye on the movements of the enemy if they tried

to enter the city. The structure is made entirely of Black stones and looks like a mini fort.

Today it is in ruins because of the extreme damage due to various reasons.

Kudtheri Mahamaya Temple is a popular temple in Mangalore. The temple is a place of

Panch Devata Aradhana i.e. is worship of 5 gods. The temple houses idols of Lord Vishnu

and His wife Goddess Laxmi, Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Durga (Paravati) and Lord

Ganapati. The temple dates back more than 600 years and it is said that the Portuguese

brought the main Idol from Goa to the temple.

Pilikula Nisagadhaa is a popular picnic spot among the travellers as well as the locals. The

greenery in the place is what attracts people.

Other places to visit in the city are- Mangaladevi Temple, Jamia Masjid, Kadri

Manjunatheswara temple, St. Aloysious Chaple, Ullal Darga, Urwa Marigudi, and Kudroli

Gokarnatha etc.

What to do

Water sports at the beaches of Mangalore is a must do activity.

Boating at Pilikula Nisagadhama is another of the popular activates.

What to eat

People here eat rice and ragi as staple foods. The dishes include variety of rice dishes, Sorghum,

dose, vade etc. even the sweet of Karnataka re very popular all over India and abroad too. Mysore

Pak, Karadantu, Amingad, Dhrwad Peda and several others are really mouth watering. Karnataka is

also known for its Udipi cuisine. This is full time meal and consists of dishes made from rice, grains,

beans, fruits and vegetables. It is made out of local spice mix and is delicious.

How to reach

Mangalore has its own Airport. The airport is 18kms away from the centre. Bus and cabs are

available to go to the city. The airport receives flights from major cities of India.


Mangalore has its own railway station. The station is well connected to the cities on South India. Also

it connects to several cities of North India.

There are buses and taxi services from nearby towns and cities to go to the city. There are frequent

buses from Bangalore to go to Mangalore.

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