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Mt Field National Park


Mt Field National Park is Tasmania's first national Park, with stunning views, terrific strolls, abundant wild animals and superb visitor centers. A simple drive of 70 km from Hobart Mount Area is very popular among nature lovers for more than a century. Russell Falls Tasmania is the star destination and even featured on Australia's first stamp. It passes through massive fern forests that also has the world’s tallest trees. This forest trail is made accessible for wheelchairs also so that everyone can visit this place and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of it. There are so many magnificent waterfalls in Mt Field National Park Tasmania such as Lady Barron Falls, Horseshoe Falls and many more en route to the top of Mount Field itself. The park provides an array of natural wonders and extraordinary plant species that change with altitude. You'll come across some of the park's unique towering species on the Pandani Grove walk, Lake Dobson, and also if you're lucky, you'll spot a platypus. Pillow plants intermixed with pineapple grass and sphagnum grows on the wet plateau. In this park, visitors will also see the tallest flowering trees, Tasmanian conifers, wildlife and the small glacial lakes of the Tarn Shelf.


Location: Tasmania

Area: 162.6 km²

Nearest Airport: Hobart International Airport

How to reach: Via road trip from Hobart

Famous for: Picturesque waterfalls, Mountains, and scenic beauty

Months Open: All year round

Best time to visit: All year round


Mount Mawson Skiing and ski resorts, along with waterfalls and natural beauty


  • Russell Falls Tasmania

Russell Falls is perhaps Tasmania's most beautiful falls. It is Tasmania's most photographed as well as one of the simplest waterfalls to reach. This waterfall is located in Mt Field National Park. The three tiers of this waterfall give an outstanding appearance to Russell Falls. The first two tiers of this waterfall declines with a pleasing segmented, vertical appearance. The 20-minute return stroll to the falls passes through the beautiful jungle. The walk through this jungle will make one see the tall looming swamp, various tree species of wet forests, and also of rain forests such as dogwood, musk as well as Myrtle. Closer to the falls, the track is framed by magnificent fern plants. A walk to the falls during the night is made more comfortable with a wooden handrail that adheres to the course right into recesses that are the residence of glow-worms. It's fantastic to turn off your lantern and find yourself bordered by thousands of little glow worms over your head. Stroll past large Eucalyptus, the tallest trees in Australia and the tallest blooming plant on Earth.

  • Horseshoe Falls Australia

Horseshoe Falls is located in Mt. Field National Park, hardly 10 minutes walking distance from the Russell Falls, and a 50 minutes from Lady Barron Falls. The hiking track passes through Tasmania's rain forests. The track has informative boards all along to give the information about its fauna and vegetation which are one-of-a-kind of this region. From Horseshoe Falls, it takes about one hour to reach Lady Barron Falls. This walk showcases the tallest trees of the world with information regarding the ecology of this region. The waterfall itself is framed in an all-natural amphitheater with eye-catching rainforest, that makes it a most prized possession of Mt. Field National Park.

  • Mount Mawson

Mount Mawson lies within the Mount Field National Park approx. 1 1/2 hrs drive from Hobart in southerly Tasmania. The Mount Mowson skiing area goes to an altitude of around 1250m that obtains consistent snowfall during the winter season that covers the downhill from mid-July to mid-September. This picturesque alpine environment features gnarly snow gums, unique pandani plants, and chirping Currawong birds heralding throughout the valleys. Mount Mawson Skiing is a small club area operated by the Southern Tasmanian Ski Association (STSA) and is operated by volunteers from the different clubs on a roster basis. The location is open to the public for downhill snowboarding/ winter sports. The STSA is formed from members of the seven ski clubs that use the site, the Ski Club of Tasmania, Oldina Ski Club, Wellington Ski Club, Hobart Walking Club, Mount Mawson Ski Club, Alpine Club of Southern Tasmania, and the University Ski Club.

How to get there

Hobart has an international airport and it is connected to all the major cities of the world. Take a flight to reach Hobart City, from here the tour operators run their buses, and taxis for Mt Field National park Tasmania. The distance between the two is 70 km and takes two hours to cover this distance.

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