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Vizag, famously known as Vishakhapatnam, is the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh. The

city is also the commanding city of the Eastern Naval Force of India. The city is situated in

the Eastern Ghats and bordered by the coast of Bay of Bengal in the East. The city has a rich

heritage. It experiences a Tropical wet and dry climate with an average temperature of 28˚C.

The best time to visit the city is from November to February.

Vizag is one of the oldest cities in India. The city has been ruled by several dynasties

including the Pallavas, Mauryans, Nayakas (Vijayanagara), Mughals, Cholas, French etc. the

city finally fell in the hands of British in 1804 in after the battle f Vizagapatam. The city has

over it influence of Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains and Christians. Each of them has a

story to tell in the city.



Andhra has a rich cultural Heritage. The culture is a blend of classical and folk. Each of the

dynasty that ruled over Andhra has left a part behind which today is a part of its culture. The

traditions, culture and beliefs of people are evident in the structure and architecture of the

temples, mosques and monuments. Burrakatha a form of ballad singing is an integral part of

the culture. The dances of Andhra include Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Tappetta Gullu. The

work of Kalamkari, making designs on cloth, is deep rooted in the culture of Andhra. The

metal craft is another part of the distinctive culture of Andhra.

Where to go

Kailasagiri is a park situated in the hilly region of Vizag. The park has huge sculptures of Lord

Shiva and his wife Goddess Paravati. From the top of the hill one can see an astonishing

view of the forests, green valley and the beach below, along with the city of Vizag itself. The

park is a beautiful place and one can spend a few hours here. It is a very popular place in

Vizag. It is also a picnic spot now. There is play area for the children and also a toy train

which gives a tour of the ground.

Araku valley is situated in the northern part of the district of Vizag about 110kms from the

main city of Vizag. The valley is lush green with pleasant atmosphere and is known as the

Ooty of Andhra. It is in the Eastern Ghats and is a home to several Tribes. The valley is pretty

close to the state of Orissa and has a rich store of Bauxite. The valley is at an altitude of


Bora Caves is located in the Ananthagiri Hills. These were first found by the William King a

British geologist. The caves said to be a million years old. These are naturally formed caves

formed due to pressure of water when it flows from the limestone mountain. The cave has

several Stalactites and Stalagmites making it a prime attraction for the tourists. One of the

favorite activities in the Park is Paragliding.


There are several beaches in Vizag. These include Ramakrishna Beach, Rishikonda Beach,

Gangavaram Beach, Yarada beach etc. the beaches are popular in place in Vizag. Beaches

are open to the public except a few which are the virgin beaches. Public entry is banned

because of the violent nature of the Bay of Bengal. Even in the Accessible beaches it is

advised not to go far in the sea as the current can suddenly rise and prove to be fatal. In

spite of this the beaches are really beautiful. The scenic beauty of these beaches is the one

you want to remember forever.

Submarine Museum is named thus as it is built inside a submarine INS Kurusura which is no

more usable. The submarine was the 5 th Submarine of INS. After a 31 yr of service to the

Indian Navy INS Kurusura is now a museum accessible to the public. It is one of a kind. It is

on the R.K beach itself. Inside the museum there is display of war paintings, pictures and

artifacts. There are articles about the bravery and sacrifice of the Navy warriors. The

museum also talks about how the building of submarines developed over years with coming

of improved technologies.

Kambalakonda, War Memorial, Buddhists excavations, Bojjana Konda, Naval Museums, Rose

Hills, Simhachalam, Aquarium and others are the places to visit in Vizag. There are

numerous temples here which you can stop by ne the way.


How to reach

Vizag has its own international airport. The airport receives regular flights from cities like

Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore; Kolkata etc. the international flights include Colombo, Dubai


The city is well connected to rest of India via Rail. There are regular to and fro trains from

Chennai, Mysore, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai etc.

Vizag is well connected to the cities and towns all over India via road. The city is easily

accessible by road. There are frequent buses running from Vijayawada, Bhubaneswar,

Chennai and other places to Vizag. Even taxi or cab is available from nearby towns and


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