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Western Ghats Landscapes


The long mountain chain that starts from the north of Mumbai and continues all the way till the tip of

Tamil Nadu, running parallel to the Arabian Sea coast of India, the Western Ghats need no introduction

at all. In fact, this range encompasses so much of diversity and features in terms of wildlife, people,

terrain, water bodies, rivers and vegetation that it is at times mind boggling. Recognized by UNESCO as a

World Heritage Site, the Western Ghats are a magnificent string of ranges that quite literally have it all.





The Western Ghats run across the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerela. The

massive expanse of this range has earned it the title of the ‘Great Escarpment of India’. The 1600km long

mountains are the Sahyadris , the Nilgiris, is cut across by numerous rivers including the stalwarts,

Godavri, Krishna and Cauvery, is home to hundreds of animals, reptiles and bird species, has national

parks such as Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Bhadra wildlife sanctuary etc., and scales to astounding heights

with the towering Annamudai peak, Doddabetta peak and many more. Phew! This is after all the

Western Ghats. You just cannot get tired of unfolding one mystery, one feature, and one beauty after


How to reach

Since it is the Western Ghats we are talking about, you could reach it from any suitable location

depending on which area or section of Ghats do you look to explore.

Rail – Major railway junctions include Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Puttur.

Air – Again, any major cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Mangalore will do.

Road – There are multiple highways that cut across these states.

What to see

Now, this could be a never ending list since there are a whole lot of attractions that the Western Ghats

have to offer. However, we will be highlighting some of these.

1. National Parks and sanctuaries

If you are a wildlife freak the Ghats are going to be your closest friend. Home to 13 national parks and 2

biosphere reserves, the vegetation ranges from sholas to evergreen and semi evergreen forests. The

Ghats act as rain bearers, intercepting the monsoon winds and brining abundant rainfall to the region.

Some of the parks and sanctuaries one can visit are the Bandipur, Periyar, Dandeli, Bannerghata and

Silent Valley National Park. Home to a myriad species, the Western Ghats give shelter to endangered,

threatened, migratory as well as resident species. Some of these are the large spotted civet, sloth bear,


tiger, leopard, long tailed macaque, broad tailed grassbird, Nilgiri wood pigeon, laughing thrush and

many many more.

2. Waterfalls – When rivers and streams crisscross through a chain of mountains, waterfalls will

happen. And not just any waterfalls! The Western Ghats boast of some of the most adrenalin,

jaw dropping and absolutely gorgeous waterfalls such as the Jog Falls, Athirapally Falls,

Meenmutty Falls, Sivasamudram Falls, Dudhsagar Falls and more. Chorla Ghat in Goa is a land of

waterfalls surrounded by pristine beauty.

3. Hill Stations – The best of hill stations are located in the Western Ghats. The beauty, landscapes

and terrains are breathtaking, the peace and serenity is heartwarming and the people and

cultures are refreshing. Welcome to some of the most sought after hill stations, that are tucked

away in the arms of the illustrious Ghats, which include Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Amboli,

Ooty, Coorg, Conoor, Wayanad, Munnar and more.

4. Lakes – The Ghats, the rivers and subsequently the dams as well, provide excellent grounds for

natural as well as artificial reservoirs. Some of the stunning lakes in this region include, the

beautiful Vemband Lake, Pookode Lake, Avalanche Lake and the reservoirs include the Koyna

Dam, Mettur Dam, Linganmakki Dam and more.

The backwaters of Kerela are also a part of the Western Ghat landscapes.

There are different regions, cultures, religious sites and adventure activities that one can

encounter and enjoy here. River rafting or boating, visiting temples or monuments, trying

Maharashtra or South Indian cuisine and the list can go on.


We conduct wildlife tours to the different national parks and sanctuaries of the Ghats, and you could

club the landscape tour as well into this. We also have separate tours for Kerela and Nilgiri landscapes

which are a part of the Western Ghats.

The itinerary will be customized and changed according to the areas you would like to visit. Below is a

general standard itinerary.

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