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A part of the larger ecosystem that spreads across Kenya and Tanzania, the Amboseli National Park lies in the Kajiado County in Kenya. Also, known as the land of the ‘giants’, the tusked elephants are its most prized assets, besides, a flourishing and vibrant biodiversity. Mount Kilimanjaro looks down benevolently upon the Park and on clear days it looks magnificent with its snow-capped peak.




The area was declared a national reserve in 1968; however, it was established as a national park in 1974.




Rainfall is a huge determinant on the sighting of the wildlife. During the rains, the animals disperse as swamps and wetlands are scattered across the Park. However, during the dry season, the animals are found congregated to the few remaining water holes in the area.


How to reach


Airstrips are available within the Park for chartered flights to land.


The Park is connected to Nairobi as well as to Mombasa through the Tsavo National Park.


Both Nairobi and Mombasa are connected by air to the cities of the world.


What to see


The gigantic elephant herds are one of the most sought after as well as sure shot sights in the Park. The other animals found here are the lion, leopard, cheetah, gazelle, zebra, wildebeest, Masai giraffes, spotted hyenas, impala, buffalo and more.


Home to about 370 bird species, birding is also one of the expertise activities offered here. Birds such as the yellow-billed stork, egrets, black headed heron, Kori Bustard, skimmers, goshawks, Hoopoe, Superb Starling, Marabou Stork and more.


Things to do


The safari is the most important activity to undertake while inside the Park. It is the best way to spot the wildlife. Some other areas within the Park that must be visited are:

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro – It goes without saying that a view and if possible a climb to the highest mountain in Africa is worth every bit of your time.
  2. The Observation Hill – It overlooks the Park and gives great views of the landscapes and wildlife.
  3.  Birding – There is immense scope for birding in the Park area, which is why bird watching is often categorized as a separate activity.
  4. Masai people – Interacting and meeting the Masai tribes to learn more about their culture and lifestyle.


Nearby Attractions


The Masai Mara National Reserve is usually clubbed by tourists with Amboseli National Park due to their close proximity. The other reserves one can visit from here are the Samburu, Tsavo and Lake Nakuru National Park.




Day 1 – Arrive at the Park and check into the lodge. We begin with our first afternoon safari into the savannahs for our first brush with its inhabitant wildlife. Enjoy a hot dinner before retiring for the day.


Day 2 – Early morning we start for the morning safari and if we are lucky to watch Kilimanjaro stand out in the clear skies unblocked by the clouds. Post lunch we continue our quest into the Park with the afternoon safari. Enjoy a relaxed evening and discuss the experiences and photos with the group before calling it a day.


Day 3 – We follow the same routine of the morning and afternoon safaris.


Day 4 – After the early morning safari, we make our way towards Mt. Kilimanjaro. Post lunch we embark on the cultural tour of interacting with the Masai people.


Day 5 – After the last lap into the Park with the morning safari, you may proceed to your onward destination.