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Anuradhapura is a significant town in Sri Lanka. It's the capital town of North Central Province, Sri Lanka along with also the funds of Anuradhapura District.


The town, now a World Heritage website, has been the centre of Theravada Buddhism for centuries. The city is located 205 km (127 mi) North of their present funds of Colombo from the North Central Province. It lies on the banks of this historical Malvathu River. It's among those oldest continually inhabited cities in the world and those eight World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka.





Anuradhapura initially became capital in 380 BC beneath Pandukabhaya, but it had been under Devanampiya Tissa (r 247--207 BC), during whose reign Buddhism attained Sri Lanka, it rose to great importance. Anuradhapura turned into an amazing and great city to collapse ahead of a South Indian invasion -- a fate that was to occur for at least 1000 decades. However, that the Sinhalese enthusiast Dutugemunu headed an army by refuge in the south to recapture Anuradhapura. The 'Dutu' portion of his title means 'undutiful' since his father persuaded him to try to recapture Anuradhapura. Dutugemunu disobeyed him and sent his dad a woman's decoration to signify what he thought of his guts.


Dutugemunu (r 161--137 BC) put in motion a huge construction program that included a number of the most impressive monuments in Anuradhapura today. Other crucial kings who followed closely comprised Valagamba, who lost his throne in a different Indian invasion but afterwards recovered it, also Mahasena (r AD 276--303), the last'good' king of Anuradhapura, that had been the builder of this colossal Jetavanarama Dagoba. Also, he held the record for tank building, building 16 of these in all a canal. Anuradhapura was to endure for another 500 years before eventually being replaced by Polonnaruwa. However, it had been plagued by invasions from South India again and again -- invasions made simpler by the cleared lands and Fantastic streets Which Were a product of Anuradhapura's significance.


What to see


-Abhayagiri Dagoba


This place dates back to the 1st century BC. This dagoba was this Abhayagiri Monastery's focus.


-Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba


A wall with a frieze of 344 elephants standing shoulder to shoulder guards this white dagoba.


-Sri Maha Bodhi


The bodhi tree is fundamental to Anuradhapura in both a physical and spiritual sense. It had been developed from a cutting attracted from Bodhgaya and is reported to be the oldest tree in the world. An uninterrupted series of guardians tended it for more than 2000 decades.


-Anuradhapura World Heritage Site


The sprawling huge complex consists a rich collection of architectural and archaeological wonders: huge dagobas (brick steps), historical pools and crumbling temples, constructed during Anuradhapura's million years since the capital of Sri Lanka.


-Thuparama Dagoba


At a beautiful setting north of this Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba, the Thuparama Dagoba is your pagoda in Sri Lanka -- the dagoba on the planet.




-Fish album trial (sour fish curry)


Album trial is a dry dish, meaning the components are simmered with a little bit of water and cooked until the liquid reduces. This permits the spice mix to coat every block of fish.


-Kottu (additionally, kottu roti)


It's a dish that resembles grilled rice, but rather than rice, and it is made out of a kind of place called godamba roti (a level, crispy bread). The rate is fried at the beginning of the afternoon, piled into piles and served as it is ordered.


-Parippu (dhal curry)


Parippu, or Thai curry, is the curry in all Sri Lankan cuisine, a staple at home or almost any restaurant.


-Hoppers (Appa or appam)


Hoppers will be the Sri Lankan response to this pancake. The batter is made of occasionally coconut water, coconut milk, a mixture of rice and a hint of sugar.


How to reach

Have a flight and hit Bandaranaike International Airport.


The Anuradhapura Airport, a national airport is ample to reach Anuradhapura. It's likely to get on the highway from Kandy to Anuradhapura:

· Bus 42/2 (non AC, ~4h, 185 Rupee)

· Bus 43 (AC, ~3h)


You can reach Anuradhapura out of Combo through:-

Bus: The bus from Colombo to Anuradhapura ceases at Puttalam, and you will have to move onto a different bus.


Train: The train from Colombo to Anuradhapura is the fastest and most budget-friendly way. It costs approximately 80 to 270 Sri Lankan Rupee and requires about three and a half hours.


Tuk Tuk: Rent a tuk-tuk to push the staircase across. Your trip will not be complete if you haven't travelled in Tuktuk.