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Bomdila is a city in Arunachal Pradesh and is called the Veranda of the Himalayas. The city is at an altitude of 7275 ft. The proximity to the great Himalayas is what makes the city so special. The city has several Hindu and Buddhist temples. The city is also known for the Eaglenest wildlife sanctuary. The view from Bomdila is breath taking. The place is not so frequently visited but it is one of the places of Arunachal which you don’t want to miss.



Arunachal Pradesh has a unique culture. It is a perfect blend of 26 different cultures. The development of these individual tribes and their cultures is unknown but today the culture of the state is one of the richest of the cultures in India. The coming of new cults further added to the culture. The people here engage themselves in hunting, weaving, handicrafts etc. the majority of people are Hindus including Buddhist and donyi- polo. People here speak a variety of languages and also know Hindi and English.  Most of the festivals revolve around agriculture like any other part of India.

Where to go

The monastery of Bomdila is the most famous attraction of Bomdila. The monastery is a home to over 100 monks. The monastery is a replica of the Tsona Gonste Monastery of Tibet. The monastery is associated with the Mahayana sect of Buddhism. There is a Buddha temple within the monastery vicinity.

The apple orchards of Bomdila are very popular. These are rows of apple tree filled with apples. The place is a beautiful experience to visit.

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary is one among the popular wildlife Sanctuary’s of Arunachal. The Sanctuary is situated in the foothills of Himalayas. The Sanctuary is spread across an area of 218 sq kms. The place was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1989 by the Indian Government. The sanctuary got its name from the Red eagle division which was posted here in 1950s.

Sela Pass is at an altitude of 4170 m situated on the border of Tawang and rest of Arunachal and as a matter of fact rest of India. The pass is the only one that connects Tawang to Dirang giving access to rest of the state.  The pass is entirely snow covered and some vegetation can be seen scattered in bits here and there. The pass is open to public. The temperature of the pass drops as low as below -10C. The pass receives heavy snowfall which might cause landslides thus cutting of communication to and fro from Tawang.

Tawang is a city in Arunachal Pradesh situated on the border of Arunachal and Bhutan. The city is at an altitude of 10000 ft. China claims the city to be a part of the Tibet. The valley of Tawang is truly awe inspiring. The place is known for its beautiful autumn season. The place has an awe inspiring natural beauty. Lush green mountains, snow covered passes, crystal clear lakes, beautiful falls and the list goes on. To add to this the place boasts of the richness of Buddhist traditions.

There are several towns on the way to Bomdila where you can stop and visit. The lifestyle of the people here are still traditional and they are really friendly.

There is a craft centre in Bomdila which is a must visit. Here you will find a beautiful display of Handicrafts including Thankas. People make several things including stool etc. these items can be used for decorations, storage and even as furniture.

What to eat  

The spice mix of Arunachal is greatly influenced by the tribal taste. The food of Arunachal is quite different when it comes to preparation and taste but it is good to taste. The tour to the state in not complete without eating the traditional dishes of the state or the common dishes prepared in local style. The traditional dishes include momos, thukpa, rice beer etc. rice, fish and green vegetables are staple in the state.

How to reach

The airport of Tezpur is the closest airport to Bomdila. The airport receives flights from Guwahati and Kolkata. The next nearest airport is that of Guwahati which receives both national and international flights. From the airport bus and cabs are available to reach the city.

The nearest railway station is that of Tezpur and Guwahati. It is well connected to several cities of India. From the station bus and taxi is available to reach the city.

The city is easily accessible by road. There are buses from Guwahati and other nearby cities of Arunachal and Assam. Cab services from nearby towns and cities are also available. It is advised to take bus or SUV because of the rough terrain.