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Entebbe is one of the major cities of the state of Uganda. The name of the city means a seat in the local Luganda dialect. It was named thus as it was the seat of British who colonised the region 19th century. The city is a settlement ashore Lake Victoria which is said to be the origin of the River Nile. The region is known for its beautiful and serene natural surroundings. Apart from natural beauty, there are several manmade attraction in the region that recently grabbed the attention of travellers worldwide.





Uganda is home to several tribes of Africa. The Bantu speaking people, however, dominate the region. The majority of the population is Christian followed by Muslims. Here are a sizeable number of Hindu and other religious groups. The traditions of the ancient days still are there in the region. The national dress for men is Kanzu and for women its gomesi, suuka and busuuti.  The music and dance in the region is a mix of all tribe. Every community has its own genre of music, type of musical instruments and complex dances of their own.


Zoo (Entebbe wildlife centre)


It is home to rescued wild animals. It is a medical, educational and tourist centre. The centre has well maintained three different ecosystems. The zoo centre was opened in 1952. The park does not only have animals but has rich flora. There are over 250 species of plants planted to support the animals. There are animals, birds and aqua-animals in the centre. An entire day can be spent here.


Mabamba Swamps


It is a popular tourist attraction in Entebbe. This is the natural home to one of the rare birds, Shoebill. Other than that there are nearly 250 other species of birds in the region. It is a heaven for bird watchers. A whole new experience of Bird watching can be experienced here. Bird watching here is not sitting in one place or walking around instead it is done while sitting in a canoe going around the swamp.


The Botanical Gardens


The garden was laid out in 1898 by A Whyte. It is situated very close to the Lake. The garden is spread over a huge area divided into various zones. The garden is home hornbills, Marabou stork, monkeys and several other birds.  This also the place where the annual Mileage World Music Festival is organised.  Several species of butterflies can be spotted flying across the length and breadth of the gardens. An entire day can be spent in the garden.


Ngamba Island


Ngamba Islands is situated on the Lake Victoria which is the source of the River Nile. The island is home to an extinct species of Chimpanzees and therefore is a protected region. Only some of it is open to the visitors. The wildlife trust of the region has some activities for the visitors keeping in mind the protection of Chimpanzees.



Bike ride in the region surrounding Lake Victoria


Forest walks and hiking around the lake


Water sports on the beaches


Safari is one of the popular activities in the region. There are various trails for safaris.




Jinja is the second largest town in the state of Uganda. It’s the source of the river Nile. Lying on the shores of Lake Victoria it is has become the adrenaline capital of East Africa. It is just the place for adventure lovers. Even after being close to the equator the climate here is pleasant throughout the year owing to the altitude of 3750 ft. the town was a British Colony and later became a town in the state of Uganda. The name Jinja comes from the language of Buganda and Busoga people meaning ‘rock’.




The cuisine in Uganda is influenced by Asian and English cuisines while maintaining traditional tastes. Yams, potatoes, pork, chicken and fish constitute major ingredients of the food here. There are Chinese, Italian and Indian restaurants in major towns and cities of the state. The traditional dishes include Millet bread, Chapati, Simsim, Mandazi, Pombe, Matoke and Posho etc.


Reaching Entebbe

Entebbe has an airport of its own. It is an International Airport serving civilians and militants. There are regular flights from other African countries and countries like Dubai, Amsterdam, and Istanbul etc.


Entebbe is easily accessible from nearby towns and cities via roadways. There are regular buses from Kampala, the capital, to Entebbe.