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Andamans Sightseeing – Landscapes


Located in the Bay of Bengal, a trip to Andaman is an experience you will cherish for a lifetime! Dotted by lush green tropical forest, the region has mangroves on the coast. The largely unspoilt forests of South Andaman have profuse growth of epiphytic vegetation, ferns and orchids. Long fabled among travelers for legendary beaches, they have retained their charm till today. The crystal clear aquamarine waters surrounded by primeval jungle and mangroves are set to enthrall you. Besides fascinating corals, adventurous water sports and remain of Stone Age are other attractions of Andamans. The white sands of beaches that sparkle in the afternoons are a home to myriad flora and fauna such as spotted deer, wild boar, gecko, crab-eating macaque and python. And yes how can one forget the scrumptious cuisine that resemble the island itself-exotic and refreshing. A trip to Baratrang Island gives you a glimpse into the life of Jarawa tribe of the Andamans. The limestone caves speak volumes of the beauty of nature. The route to these caves is itself scenic making one behold a breathtaking view of tall trees, quaint man- made huts and hand crafted roads. Especially stunning for its pristine beauty is the comparatively unexplored Havelock Island. The crystal clear waters silhouetted against clear blue skies present a spellbinding sight. The Ross and Smith Islands where one can spot wild elephants give an enchanting experience of wilderness. Snorkelling and diving experience add spice to your trip. A trip through Port Blair takes one to organic farms where one can see myriad flora. Radhanagar Beach and Blackstone Beach are among other unexplored destinations of Andamans.

When to go

The best time to visit Andamans is from November to mid –May. It is also the time for annual tourism festival. The waters are clear making snorkeling and swimming a pleasure.

Quick facts

Location – India
Area – 8249 sq Km
Nearest Airport –Port Blair
Nearest Rail Head – nil
How to reach –  Andaman is well connected by flight to major cities.
Famous for – natural beauty and emerald islands
Months Open – Open round the year
Best Time – November to mid- May

What's there

Main tourist spots– Havelock Island , limestone caves, Cellular Jail, Port Blair, Baratrang Island

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