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Bandipur National Park & Tiger Reserve


Situated at the confluence of Eastern and Western Ghats, the park spans an area of 874 sq Km. It was established under Project Tiger in 1973 by adding a large chunk of forest to erstwhile Venugopal Wildlife Park created by Maharaja of Mysore. The park forms a part of Nilgiri biosphere reserve which is one of the largest conservation areas of wildlife in India. It is bounded by Kabini River in the north and Moyar River in the south. The Nugu River flows through the park.

The park has a variety of biomes ranging from dry deciduous forest to shrublands. The vegetation ranges from timber trees, teak, rosewood, sandalwood, Indian laurel and Indian kino trees. The variety of biomes shelters diverse flora and fauna. Some of the mammals found here include tiger, Indian elephants, sloth bear, gaurs, four- horned antelopes and dholes. The area serves as a central link in the seasonal migration of elephants from Mudumalai Sanctuary and Satyamangalam forest division in the east and south- east to Nagarhole National Park and Wynad Sanctuary in the west and north- west. The park is a home to a variety of birds including grey junglefowl, red-headed vulture, Indian vulture, honey buzzards, flowerpeckers and hoopoes.

The highest point in the park called Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta where there is a temple at the apex of the summit.

When to go?

The best time to visit the park is from October to May.


The Park was once a private hunting ground of the Maharaja of Mysore.

Quick facts
Location – Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka
Area – 874.2 sq Km
Nearest Airport – Bangalore (232.24 Km)
Nearest Rail Head – Mysore
How to reach – It is about 80 Km from the city of Mysore and approximately 240 Km from Bangalore and en-route to 0oty.
Famous for – Tiger and Leopard population
Months Open – Open round the year

What's there
Mammals–elephant, gaur, tiger, sloth bear, leopard, four-horned antelope, jackal, wild dog, sambar, mouse deer, barking deer, spotted deer, gray langur,Malabar giant squirrel.
Birds –grey junglefowl, drongos, honey buzzards, red-headed vultures, Indian vultures, flowerpeckers, hoopoes, Indian rollers, brown fish owls, crested serpent eagles, bee-eaters, kingfishers, hawk-eagles and ospreys
Reptiles – spectacled cobra, Indian rock python, vipers, ratsnake, muggers, monitor lizards, Indian chameleon, Indian pond terrapin, agamids, flying lizards.

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