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At the height of 4800 metres, experience the unsurpassed beauty of Nature where landscape talks in its own language. We are referring to Ladakh, a picturesque region in Jammu and Kashmir which extends from Kunlun Mountain range to main great Himalayas in the south. Historically, the region gained importance due to being at the confluence of major trade routes. Today it is regarded as important region of India due to its strategic location and unique biodiversity. It consists of numerous valleys ranging from densely populated Indus valley to remote Zanskar and Nubra valleys. The azure lakes, the majestic snow-capped mountain peaks that seamlessly blend with the skies and precipitous ridges that stand tall under the resplendent sun present a spellbinding sight.

The magnificent stretch of endless plateau of Ladakh presents a masterpiece landscape and is a road tripper’s delight. Every turn on Ladakh road will encounter you with towering mountains and deep gorges.  The Shyok Valley of Ladakh drained by Nubra and Shyok rivers forms a boundary between Ladakh and Karakoram ranges. Though Shyok means the River of Death, its panoramic views makes one feel alive. The Nubra Valley dotted by orchards and sand dunes equally deserves mention for its scenic beauty. The crystal clear waters of Pangong Lake situated between India and China mesmerizes you to the fullest. The road to Pangong Lake presents you with patches of lush green marshes that form a picture perfect moment. At 4,595 metres ,Tso Moriri, the largest of the higher Himalayan lakes with brackish water and a backdrop of whitish mountains presents a spectacular sight. The area is a haven for 34 species of birds and many mammals, including the lynx and the Tibetan wild ass.
And Tso Kar, literally meaning ‘salt lake’ mesmerizes you with turquoise water set amidst the spectacular ambience of verdant greenery. Apart from the salt concentration of the water, the other noticeable feature is the profuseness of fauna, including the red fox, tibetan wolf, little owl, brahminy duck, bar-headed goose, pied avocet, and different sandpipers.
Not to forget the magnificent passes of Ladakh that is a sight to behold. The snow-capped Baralacha La located along Manali –Leh highway presents panoramic views to the tourists. Another magnificent pass is ZojiLa which enthrals the tourists with its spectacular gorges. At the height of 5600 metres, you will experience the dizzying Khardung La Pass which is among the highest passes in India. Historically, it was significant for it lay on the major caravan route from Leh to Kashgar in Central Asia, from which 10,000 horses and camels would pass annually, and a small population of Bactrian camels can still be seen at Hundar, in the area north of the pass. But if you want to enjoy heavenly experience, follow deep holes at Lamayaru that resemble moon craters or gaze at star –studded night at Sarchu along Leh-Manali highway. The sites of Leh and Hemis savour the rich culture and heritage of Ladakh region. The monasteries inhabited by llamas and housing rich sculptures are another sight to behold.  But if you want to do justice to this scenic region of Ladakh, embrace its unique culture. Discover Ladakh to uncover yourself. We also offer birding in Ladakh, in the months of July to September. To know more, click here

When to go

Ladakh can be visited all year round. During summers, the snow starts melting and flowers are in full bloom. July to August presents the picture perfect moments to travelers whereas winters are perfect time to experience festivals of Ladakh.

Quick facts

Location – Jammu and Kashmir
Area –  86904 sq Km
Nearest Airport –Leh
Nearest Rail Head – Jammu Tawi
Famous for – Rugged natural beauty
Months Open – Open round the year
Best Time – All year round

What's there

Main tourist spots– Pangong Lake, Leh, Tso Moriri Lake, Khardung La Pass, Nubra Valley

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