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Sundarbans National Park & Wildlife


Located in 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, the park derives its name from sundari tree. Sundarbans form a part of largest delta formed by Ganga, Brahmaputra and Meghna. It was declared as a tiger reserve in 1973 and a national park in 1984.This area mainly consists of mangrove forests. The core area of the park has its own natural boundaries with the river Matla on its West, the river Haribhanga on its East, with Netidhopani and Gosba in the North. In total there are seven main rivers that form a network of channels in the park. The eco-geography of this area is totally dependent on tidal effect of tow flow tides and two ebb tides inundating the whole area. The tidal action deposits silts on the channels forming new islands and creeks and contributing to uncertain geomorphology.

The only way to travel through the park is by boat through various water lanes formed by rivers. Animals found here include Estuarine Crocodile Fishing Cat Common otter, Water Monitor lizard Gangetic Dolphin Snubfin dolphin, River Terrapin, marine turtles like Olive Ridley Green Sea Turtle Hawksbill Turtle, Wild boars, Spotted deer, Porcupines and Rhesus macaque. Among the reptiles found here are the King cobra, the common cobra, Banded krait, Russells Viper Python, Chequered Kil-Back, Dhaman , Green Whip Snake. There are about 248 bird species found in Sundarban national park including a large number of migratory birds from higher latitudes that visits the park in winter months Herons, Egrets, Cormorants, Storks, Green Pigeons, Sand Pipers, Large and Small Spoonbills, Darters, Seagulls, Teal, Partridges, great variety of Wild Geese and Ducks.

When to go

Best time to visit the park is from October to March.


The park represents mangrove ecosystem and  is made up of 54 small islands and is crisscrossed by several distributaries of the Ganges.

Quick facts

Location – West Bengal
Area – 1330.1 sq Km
Nearest Airport – Kolkata (117 Km)
Nearest Rail Head – Canning Railway Station(64 Km)
How to reach – Sundarban National Park is well connected with Kolkata-BasantI highway.
Famous for – Royal Bengal tiger
Months Open – Open round the year
Best Time – October to March

What's there

Mammals –Bengal tiger, fishing cat,leopard cat,macaques,wild boar,Indian grey mongoose,fox, jungle cat, flying fox, pangolin, chital
Birds – Openbill storks, black capped kingfishers, black-headed ibis, water hens, coots, pheasant tailed jacanas, pariah kites, brahminy kites, marsh harriers, swamp partridges, red jungle fowl, spotted doves.
Reptiles – estuarine crocodiles, chameleons, monitor lizards, turtles, olive ridley, hawksbill, green turtles, python, king cobra, ratsnake, russels viper, dog faced water snake.

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