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The Jog falls are also known by the name of Gerosoppa Falls and Joga Falls. The water falling from a height of 253 m makes it second highest plunge water falls in all of India. Jog Falls is one of the most visited tourist places in Karnataka. The falls are situated just at the border of the Shimoga District. The best time to visit is during monsoons when the falls are its fullest.

The falls is of the Sharavathi River coming down as four separate streams of water and meeting again after forming a pool at the base. The four segments of the falls are named as Raja, Rani, Rover and Rocket. The view from the falls is mesmerising. The clear water, surrounded by greenery and sounds of gushing water and chirping birds all make it a wonderful place to spend time.



Karnataka is home to people from different ethnicities. There are Kannadigas, tuluvas, konkanis, todas, Buddhists, and many more. The culture here is full of colours and music and moves. The performing arts include Yakshagana, Bharatnattyam, Ranga Shankara, Ninasam, Carnatic music, Gamaka, and many more. The people of Karnataka can still be seen in their traditional attire i.e. saree and dhoti.

Where to go

Jog falls view point is a place visited by every tourist once and is frequented by the locals. The view from here is beyond imagination. The view of falls, surrounded by green hills is a view you don’t want to miss.

Several waterfalls with awe inspiring scenic and natural beauty are located around the Jog Falls. Some of these are en route the other waterfalls. You can stop by them and spend some time there. The falls include – Dabbe Falls, Unchalli Falls and other.

Sharavathi wildlife sanctuary, Mookambika wildlife sanctuary and other jungles are close to the Jog Falls. These are green jungles and a home to mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds etc.  The vegetation of the forest includes teak, rosewood, bamboos, tamarind, jamun, sandalwood, banyan etc. The jungle is a home to variety of animals including mammals, amphibians, reptiles etc. These include tigers, Indian elephants, white tigers, pigs, hornbill, hawk, eagle, snakes, crocodiles, lizards etc.

Kanoor fort is close to jog falls. The fort is also known as Keladi Kote. The fort gets its name from the Keladi Dynasty who ruled the region for several years. There is not food available here so it must be carried.

Tunga Anicut Dam is a popular picnic spot for visitors as well as the locals. The dam is surrounded by paddy fields which enhance the beauty of the reservoir. This is further surrounded by jungles of teak. It is a nice place to spend a few hours. Another popular dam in the region is Linganmakki Dam.

Agumbe is a village in the district of Shimoga, Karnataka. The village is popular for its rich Biodiversity. The region receives highest rainfall in southern India and is therefore more often than not referred to as Cherrapunjee of South India. The view that the village provides is beyond imagination of a common man. The Govt has taken initiative here to promote the Cottage Industry.

What to do

Trekking to Jog Falls is an activity you don’t want to miss. The trail is mesmerising. It is a memorable experience going up from the middle of jungle area.

Safari at the jungles is another of the popular activities near Jog Falls. There are several jungles and safari inside them is a fun activity to engage in.

Camping around in the region of fort is an adventurous activity to do. The region is pretty friendly for camping activities.

What to eat

People here eat rice and ragi as staple foods. The dishes include variety of rice dishes, Sorghum, dose, vade etc. even the sweet of Karnataka re very popular all over India and abroad too. Mysore Pak, Karadantu, Amingad, Dhrwad Peda and several others are really mouth watering. Karnataka is also known for its Udipi cuisine. This is full time meal and consists of dishes made from rice, grains, beans, fruits and vegetables. It is made out of local spice mix and is delicious.

How to reach

The nearest airport to Jog Falls is that of Hubli. From here taxi services are there to Jog Falls. Few buses also are available to go to Jog Falls.

The Shimoga railway station is the nearest station to the village. From there taxi or a bus has to be taken to reach the falls. There are regular trains from Bangalore and Mangalore. Trains from other cities are less frequent.

There are buses and taxi services from nearby towns and cities to go to the falls. There are regular bus services from places like Mangalore, Bangalore and Shimoga etc.