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The distinctly shaped and most photographed mountain of the country, the Kirkjufell is located on the north coast of Iceland on the Snaefellsnes peninsula. Situated near the town of Grundarfjordur it is a picture-perfect landscape with the coastline location and its unique shape. Kirkjufell is 463m tall and has throughout history acted as a landmark for seafarers and travellers.  It has often been photographed with the northern lights in the backdrop along with the picturesque Kirkjufellsfoss waterfalls in the front. 




The mountain resembles a church steeple and hence its name. It is also fondly described as a witch’s hat or a scoop of ice cream.


Things to do

Kirkjufell is a fantastic scenic landmark, with a lake at its base which on calm days reflects the mountain on its surface. The Kirkjfellsfoss waterfalls are a three-step slow and gentle falls they add to the beauty of the landscape and are often photographed along with the mountain. The Kirkjfellsfoss waterfall is also known for changing colors through seasons and though not one of the most spectacular falls of the country, nonetheless is a well-known entity. In fact, the colors of Krikjufell also change with seasons becoming green and alive during summers whereas during winters the slopes turn bare and brown. Hence the mountain tends to look more gorgeous under the midnight sun and its effects.


One can hike up Krikjufell and be blessed to witness the amazing surrounding landscapes, fields, rivers and coastlines. However, the climb is not easy since the slopes are steep and it is highly recommended that only experienced climbers along with guides make the climb.


There is a hiking trail around the mountain that takes about three hours to walk along with good hiking paths around the waterfalls too.


The Grundarfoss waterfall is another stunning waterfall not too far away from Kirkjufell.


Kirkjufell is also surrounded by beaches as well as bird and marine life during the summers. One can spot the Orca whale if lucky in the fjord areas.


Nearby Attractions

The town of Grundarfjordur is a great destination to explore and offers many activities, such as hiking, horseback riding, camping, ice climbing and more. Some of the other nearby attractions include Ondverdarnes with its remains of an old fishing station and a small lighthouse, Saxholl and Eldborg crater, Bardalaug and its beautiful lake area, Svortuloft cliff and many other attractions of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.


The Kirkjufell is a breathtaking mountain feature for its isolated and unique geology coupled with its surrounding views. Often touted as the most photographed feature of Iceland, there is a little wonder in that! Looking gorgeous with various geological and natural formations that have shaped it over the years, a visit to this Church Mountain will be having you grabbing for a camera for sure!


How to reach


Kirkjufell is minutes away from the town of Grundarfjordur, down the Snaefellsnesvegur 54 route. The town is two hour’s drive away from Reykjavik and a must visit on the Snaefellsnesvegur route.