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Kittilä is a municipality of Finland plus a popular vacation resort. It's found in northern Finland in the north of this Arctic Circle inside the Lapland area.


Kittilä is a place of outstanding all-natural beauty, whatever the season, and this explains why the area has generated some of the greatest artists of Finland. For people who seek a break in the exertions of nature paths and their ski slopes, the counterpoint provides a trip to the museums devoted to those artists.





Three events highlight Kittila's background.


-Formation of a parish: A Parish was shaped 1828 from Sodankylä


-The occasion included the creation of an independent parish having a proclamation on 30th of January at 1854.


-The next significant event occurred was meeting based on the municipal administration was held on 11th of July.


Kittilä includes life, and its sides could be appreciated during the year! The custom of visual arts is powerful in Kittilä. Nature is your source of inspiration for musicians. This region's artists play a significant part in history and Lappish. Artists haven't just portrayed the present Kittilä. However, they also have assembled its diverse mental setting thus conveying distinct experiences and tales of Kittilä museum, galleries and changing displays reflect local artwork.


Places to see




Karting. Test ice and rally karting sports in Levi - winter rallying and ice karting are a lot of fun for individuals who appreciate pace!

Levi is a hotel in Lapland. It is famous for its winter slopes and perspectives of those Northern Lights. Its Samiland Exhibition investigates the Sami people's culture through old buildings and photographs, items.




Book a safari straight with Rami's Huskies (much less costly than tagging onto other safari business ), and revel in the hustle ride across the snow-clad mountains.




In winter, enjoy the wilderness including reindeer ride, salmon soup and ice fishing. Furthermore, also snowshoe trips and Wilderness skills contests can be found. You can enjoy sauna and fishing marking reindeer in climbs from the bog or searching geese the farm, and other fowl.




The Särestöniemi Museum environment contains many buildings, where the main are Reidar Särestöniemi studio along with the Särestöniemi household farm and gallery. Fresh and old mix and match from the memorial area.




Push to Pokka village out of Sirkka (Levi) through Kongas into roads 955 into Inari. In Polk village, street to the left (Taatsintie)




Leipäjuusto (bread )

Cheese which squeaks when you bite into it. It is best served hot.


Mustikkapiirakka (blueberry pie).

A pie. Best served with vanilla cream.


Kaalikääryleet (cabbage rolls).

Cabbage leaves stuffed with spices, onions and beef. Served with jam.


Hernekeitto (pea soup).

Split pea soup.


Kalakukko (fish pies)

A fish pie baked in a rye bread crust


Porkkanalaatikko (carrot casserole)

A carrot casserole.


How to reach


By Flight:-


Finnair and Norwegian serve Kittilä Airport (5 kilometres north of the centre) from Helsinki in addition to some charter airlines in the British Isles and Central Europe. Public transportation is available in offseason, which must be reserved ahead of time.


By Automobile:-

Kittilä is located about 150 km north-west from Rovaniemi. A lot of people coming out of the south decide to select the car together on the train arriving from Helsinki. It is easy to drive out of Rovaniemi or out of Kolari that's only some 60 km from Kittilä (yet the train into Kolari runs twice a week).


You may drive from Helsinki. Space is 1000 km, and the driveway will require some 12--14 hours depending on road conditions. If driving from Germany or Central Europe generally, the shortest alternative is to push Sweden along street E4 to Luleå then via Pajala into the Finnish border and forth to Kittilä.


By Rail:-


There are trains to Rovaniemi and also to Kolari (sparsely into the latter) from southern Finland and also to Luleå from southern Sweden. From that point, you may continue by coach.


By Bus:-


You will find trainer services out of, e.g. Rovaniemi, Hetta, Kilpisjärvi, Kolari, Sodankylä and Haparanda.