Kravice Falls

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Kravica Falls is one of the wonders of nature. The fall is a huge tufa cascade of Trebizat River. The water falls into an emerald green pool from an arc which is 25 m high. The falls are often referred to as mini Niagara. During the Rainy seasons, the flow is fierce and falls with so much force that it looks foggy around the falls. During the summer season, the flow is gentle yet serene. It has become not only a famous tourist spot but also is a popular picnic place among the locals. Several people visit the falls during summers to get away from the scorching heat as the weather here is comparatively pleasant.




There is evidence that the heritage of the region has been passed on well by the ancestors here. Music, literature, art and sports all form a part of the diverse culture of the region. The culture is influenced by the Romans who founded the place, Byzantine Emperors who ruled the region, Ottoman Kings, Turks, Hungarians and several others. Mosaics form an integral part of the culture here. The state has been the home of several bestselling literature writers like Abdulah Sidran, Banko Copik, and Matija Divkovic etc. Pop and rock are popular genres of music but root music – Ganga, sevdalinka etc. are also quite famous.




Swimming is a popular activity at the falls. In the winters the water might be too deep for people to enter. But in spring and summers, a dip in the emerald pool is a memorable experience.


Canoeing and Kayaking is also a popular activity. A canoe of a Kayak can be hired for 30 mins, 1 hr or an entire day.


Camping is fun to do near the falls, the campsite is not just next to falls but a little ahead on the banks of River Trebizat. It is known by the name Kravica Camp Trisela.




The old town of Pocitelji is pretty close to the falls. The old buildings and bridges are intact here. Some of the best fresh fruit juices can be bought here.




Mostar is the most important and the most visited city in the state of Bosnia. The city rests on the banks of the river Neretva. The old bridge in the ancient times was guarded by bridge keepers known as Mostaris and thus the name of the city. The city is sandwiched between Hum Hill and Velez Mountains. The city has well kept its traditions alive which attracts tourists. The ethnicity of the region and ancient architecture is what makes it worth visiting. The city is especially to roam about in during evenings when the entire city is lighted with beautiful lighting.




It is a city in the neighbouring state of Croatia. This is an ancient city just by the sea. It is a popular tourist place in the state. It is entirely walled and appeared in the famous HBO series Game of Thrones which made it further popular among the tourists.




Split is the second largest and one of the most important cities in Croatia. It is seen as a connecting point for tourist places all over the country. It forms the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It also serves as the intraregional transport hub of the state. It is considered to be the place which is the best example of Dalmatian lifestyle. Spiny Broom is a very popular shrub in the region which is the reason behind the name of the city.




True to its location the cuisine of the region is a perfect blend of the eastern and western cuisines across the globe. The food here is influenced by cuisines of Turks, Ottoman Empire, Mediterranean, Austria, and other parts of Europe. The food here is made mostly of tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onions, spinach, plums, milk, beef, mutton etc. The most popular dishes include Bosnian bean soup, Tufahija, Cevapi, Burek, Dolma, Klepe etc.


Reaching Kravica Falls


The airport at Mostar is the nearest airport to Kravice Falls. Even the airport of Dubrovnik Cilipi is pretty close. From here the bus can be taken to reach the falls.

Roadways are well developed to reach the falls since it has become a popular tourist and picnic spot. There are regular buses from Mostar and other nearby regions to Kravica. Although one might have to change buses on the route. Even a cab can be taken to the falls.