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One of the most splendid waterfalls of Iceland the Skogafoss Waterfalls are heavenly and will keep you staring at it in wonder the first time you see it. The magnificent waters plunge from a height of 60m crashing into the pool below and forming sometimes double rainbows that arch against its breathtaking backdrop. Situated on the Skoga River in the south of Iceland, the Skogafoss Falls is one of the biggest waterfalls in the country with a width of 15m.




According to popular legend, the Viking settler Prasi Porolfsson buried a treasure chest in one of the caves behind the waterfall. For years locals tried to lay their hands on it and the chest was discovered years later. However, the ring on the side of the chest alone was grasped before the chest vanished again, leaving the locals with the ring which they gave to the local church. The ring is said to be attached to the old church door that is today housed in the Skogar Museum.


Things to do

The Skogafoss Waterfalls merit sufficient time. One can literally spend hours admiring its beauty and grandeur and clicking away memories in frames to hold on to the moment. One can also climb to the top of the waterfall on ascending 527 steps. The view from above is understandably the best.


On the eastern side of the waterfall, there is a trekking and hiking trail that goes up to Fimmvorduhals, located between the Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull glaciers. It leads down to Porsmork and continues to Landmannalaugar.


One of the great things about Skogafoss Falls is the proximity to which one can reach it. A simple and easy trek along the banks of the river can lead one straight up close to the falls, often drenched in its drizzle and touching the rainbows. Camping and hiking facilities along the fall are added advantages that attract more tourists.


The Skoga River has about 20 waterfalls on its route and hence one doesn’t have to hike much to visit the nearby waterfalls.


In fact, the waterfalls have been used for cinematic shootings and may look familiar if one has seen Thor – The Dark World and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


Interestingly the coastline has receded and one can imagine the dramatic scenery hundreds of years ago when the cliff plunged into the sea.


Nearby Attractions

The Solheimajokull glacier hike, a visit to the Skogar Museum and church are some of the other attractions near the falls. Other tourist spots that can be discovered around the falls include the Reynisfjara black sand beach, Selijalandsfoss Waterfall and village of Vik. Some other waterfalls close to Skogafoss are the Gljufrabui waterfall, Gluggafoss waterfall, Urridafoss waterfall and more.


The Skogafoss waterfalls undoubtedly are one of the most spectacular falls in Iceland and most definitely need to be on the bucket list of travelers visiting the island nation.


How to reach


Skogafoss Fall is 154km away from Reykjavik along the Ring Road and hence can be easily driven to.