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The Una National Park established in 2008 is the most recent national park of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The magnificent Una and Unac Rivers flow through the park, giving rise to some splendid waterfalls, emerald clear waters, a range of water adventure activities and a thriving biodiversity. Bordering with Croatia the park is also known for its many cultural and historical sites, a feat unmatched by many other national parks of the world.


Things to do

The park is clearly established to protect the wonderful landscapes created by the rivers that flow within. Una River, after which the park is named, is the main river along with its tributary the Unac. The Krka River also makes a small appearance in the park area before heading off into Croatia. The karst topography plays magic along with the rivers forming splendid features. The Una River continues to grow in its course giving way to gorgeous waterfalls en route. The Unac on the other hand with its extremely pure waters flows through a gorge and the Krka River finds its source in the park area.


The Strbacki Buk Waterfall is one of the most amazingly spectacular waterfalls of the park. At a height of 24.5m, the Strbacki Buk is the main attraction of the park and a splendid sight to behold. One can walk to the fall over a wooden path to witness the tallest waterfall of the park.


Martin Brod is located on the confluence of the Una and Unac rivers and is home to a number of magnificent waterfalls and cascades. According to legend, the area is named after a girl named Marta who lost her life while crossing the river in order to meet her lover on the other side. Some of the famous attractions in Martin Brod include the Milancev Buk waterfall and the Rmanj Monastery a national monument and a peaceful abode.



The park is also known for a number of adventure activities, such as kayaking, whitewater rafting, swimming, diving, fishing and more. In fact, fly fishing is one of the most popular sporting adventures in the Una.


The Una Regatta is an organized water sports and camping event that takes place annually every year.


Historical and archeological attractions

The Ostrovica Castle is located on a hilltop and looks down upon the Una River. Built in the middle ages, the walls of the castle fort still exist.


Kulen Vakuf is the largest town inside the park and was built during the Ottoman reign. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Kulen Vakuf is the oldest mosque in the area.


The Havala Ruins are the ruins of this fortified town. Features such as entrance gates, watchtowers, walls and a graveyard still remain.


The Medieval burg of Orasac another historical site stands with its ruins atop a hill.


Japod Islands are archeological sites as well as a wonderful natural spot. Made from five islands, the Japod Islands offers various trails, bridges and boardwalks that connect the islands.



The Una National Park is also home to a varied biodiversity, thanks to its natural surroundings and the high level of oxygen outflow due to the waterfalls and gushing water. There are over 30 species of fish found here as well as 130 bird species. Many of the animals found in the park include the wolf, lynx, bear, fox and chamois.


The Una National Park is Bosnia’s finest natural parks that bring together the natural landscape as well as the cultural and historical references of the area in one region. Boat along the river biting on the traditional foods of Bosnia, such as, cevapi or raft on the mighty waters – the park is for those seeking solitude with nature as well as for those wanting to have some fun.


The magnificent water systems, biodiversity and numerous adventure and sporting activities make Una National Park one of Europe’s most attractive destinations.


How to reach

Bihac is the closest town to the park and about 306km away from the country’s capital Sarajevo. However, Bihac is 150km away from Zadar in Croatia and only 20km away from Croatia’s famous Plitvice National Park.


One can reach Una National Park either from Sarajevo via road or from Croatia.