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Bhutan Birding Expedition - April 2020


This tour is a combination of some of the finest bird watching in the Himalayas with spectacular scenery. Despite its small size about 770 species of birds have been recorded in Bhutan. Bhutan is birding paradise and the ultimate destination for the birdwatcher and bird lovers around the world.If you have an adventurous spirit, wish to behold spectacular scenery and experience the finest bird watching with professional bird guiding services, this js the tour for you. Bhutan's rich biodiversity offers you opportunities to spot exotic birds. The delights start with the flight to Bhutan, wherein you are allowed a spectacular view of the Himalayan mountain ranges and a clear day might even let you see the Mount Everest. As part of this expedition, you can explore villages and have meaningful interactions with the villagers. You can also take a walk along the longest suspension bridge in Bhutan and visit Taktsang Monastery. This tour is an incredible experience for nature lovers.

Bhutan is an ideal place to see a wide variety of birds that are impossible or difficult to see anywhere else. Bhutan’s richly diverse and beautiful forests are some of the best remaining forest habitats in The Himalayas.

The diversity of birdlife in Bhutan is accentuated by the migrations of hundreds of species. The places like Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Phobjikha, etc hold speciality for the birding tour in Bhutan. Wintertime brings numerous species down to lower altitudes, including accentors, rosefinches, grosbeaks, snow pigeons and pheasants such as the satyr tragopan, the Himalayan monal, and the blood pheasant.

Birds in Bhutan can be found from the glacial alpine regions of the north to the sweltering tropics of the south. The geography and altitude are also the most diverse areas of bird habitats ever found in a single country. Most widely known are the Black Neck Cranes, a rare and endangered crane, holds a special place in folklore and Bhutanese hearts. Even the casual observer can be sure to see the blue whistling-thrush, yellow blue magpie, the wallcreeper, white-capped water redstarts, spotted nutcracker in the pine forest and the red-billed choughs on the roofs on the dzongs.

Trip Highlights


Picturesque and spectacular scenery: endless tracts of Himalayan forest along with snow-capped mountain ranges

You will see an array of birds from low altitude specialities such as the Great Hornbill to high altitude birds such as the Satyr Tragopan.

You will have an opportunity to explore many villages that we will pass along the way and interact with the locals.

Visit impressive palaces and monasteries including the iconic Tiger's Nest Monastery.




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