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 Chasing Northern Lights  Chasing Northern Lights tour

Chasing Northern Lights


What is Aurora Borealis? On a very basic level, aurora borealis or the northern lights are quite simple to explain. Aurora Borealis is generated due to the collision of electrically charged particles from the Sun enter in the Earth’s atmosphere. The light can be seen only in the night when the sky becomes dark. The northern lights or aurora borealis look like light dancing on the dark sky with illuminating shades of green, violet and pink. This tour is all about exploring the best places of ROVANIEMI, KAKSLAUTTANEN, KIRUNA, and TROMSO to have an unforgettable experience of life.

Trip Highlights

Exploring the best places of Rovaniemi, Kakslauttanen, Kiruna, and Tromso.


After arrival at the Ivalo Airport, you will be greeted by our representative who will take you tot the world-famous Large Glass Igloo hotel where you can relax and enjoy the peaceful evening. Kakslauttanen is a family hotel in Finnish Lapland, situated 250 km north of the Arctic Circle. It located along the road to the Arctic sea and on the edge of the wilderness.

Kakslauttanen to Rovaniemi

In the afternoon, you will proceed towards Rovaniemi. The City of Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland Finland and is situated on the Arctic Circle. People from across the world come to Rovaniemi to visit the Official Hometown of Santa Claus. This is the perfect holiday destination for a family. Rovaniemi is also famous for its rich and authentic culture, prestigious hotels, and Aurora borealis.

Start your Rovaniemi tour in the magical Santa Claus Village. You can spend a complete one day in this village to cross the arctic circle and to meet Santa Clause. You can also do reindeer sledding in Santa Claus Village and buy souvenirs from the shops. In the evening we will take you on a tour to see the Northern Lights. This is the great natural phenomenon of the Arctic region. During this Rovaniemi tour, you will visit an exclusive location to see the beauty of colorful northern lights to have an amusing experience of life.

On this day have a trip to Kiruna. Kiruna is a small mining town located smack center of the Aurora in the small village of Jukkasjärvi. Check in to the hotel, and relax for sometime. During the night you may spot the Northern Light right above your head. You will hear the myths and stories about the Northern lights and in the cabin, you can relish delicacies from Lapland.

Wake up in the morning followed by breakfast, you will start your day to explore the world’s first and biggest hotel made of ice and snow, the famous Ice Hotel. Each year it’s carefully designed, handcrafted and reincarnated by 40 artists who come here from around the world. Visit Kiruna city hall and Kiruna Church which is the biggest wooden church with its exteriors built-in Gothic revival style. In the evening join the Aurora expedition which is one of the fantastic outings in the Torne River Valley. Enjoy the spectacular view of Kiruna northern lights. The guide will tell you about the amazing natural phenomena of Aurora Borealis.

Enjoy your morning and get ready to take part in the husky sledging ride journey. This ride will take you through the snowy landscape surrounding the magnificent Torne River! On this invigorating dog sledging ride, The professional guide will drive the sledge and you will sit like a passenger to travel on the sledge. At lunchtime, we will take a halt to relish the meal served in the wilderness cooked on the fire of kåta. This is the wooden tepee typical of the indigenous Sámi people in Lapland.

Start your day for Tromso northern lights tour. Tromso is another place for watching the beautiful Northern lights. It has a modern mix of outdoor activities, a vibrant nightlife, and places to eat local food. In the evening get ready for Northern lights Cruise trip. Away from the lights of the city, you will experience the magical northern lights, aurora borealis in the pitch dark sky. The boat ride is the fastest way of leaving the city center and see the Northern lights.

Enjoy your morning and get ready for an amazing cruise in the winter fjords of Northern Norway. During this cruise, you will see the wildlife, fishing, aquaculture, local villages, Arctic landscape and of course the beautiful fjords. You are invited to come on board to take a close-up look at the humpback whale, killer whale (orca), harbor porpoise and sometimes even the fin whale!

Departure from Tromso and end of your pleasant trip!