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Masai Mara - Migration Experience


Situated near Narok in Kenya, Masai Mara forms the most spectacular ecosystem of Africa along with the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. It is named in the honour of Masai people who are original inhabitants of the area. The word ‘mara’ means spotted; denoting trees, savanna and cloud shadows that characterize the area. The park is situated on a rift valley. It is bounded by the Serengeti Park to the south, the Siria escarpment to the west, and Masai pastoral ranches to the north, east and west. The reserve is characterized by open grassland dotted by seasonal rivulets. The Sand, Talek and Mara River meander through the reserve. The park shelters unique fauna including cheetah, serval, hyena, bat-eared foxes, black-backed and side-striped jackals, hippo, crocodile, baboons, warthog, topi, eland, Thompson’s gazelle, Grant’s gazelle, impala, waterbuck, oribi, reed-buck, and zebra. Hippopotamus and crocodiles are found in Mara and Talek Rivers. About 470 species of birds have been identified at the park such as vultures, marabou storks, secretary birds, hornbills, crowned cranes, ostriches, long-crested eagles, African pygmy-falcons and the lilac-breasted roller.




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