4 Day North Indian Food Tour

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Food is unique of every culture, and North India is a gastronomical delight for the traveler who is a foodie. The diversity of the country aids in the creation of huge differences in the cuisine of various cities of North India, which are sure to provide a blast of flavours once tried.



  • A gastronomical journey through the lanes of Delhi to Amritsar and finally Lucknow with enjoyable delicacies to be had while on tour.



  • A taste of the culture of India’s north with a blend of Awadhi cuisine and a tour of both the street shops as well as restaurants and sweet corners.



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  • Day 1: Delhi

    Our representative will collect you and take you to your preferred place of stay, where food will be served, giving you a taste of what Delhi- ciousness you can expect. The food trail in Old Delhi is by far the best means to get a taste of both the Delhi-cious food as well as the culture of the capital of India.


    The tour will cover everything from delicious sweets, to the best Kulcha and naans in the world which takes you straight to the heart of Delhi cuisine and provides an incredible hygienic journey you will never forget.


  • Day 2: New Delhi to Old Delhi, by road

    Our representative will take you, just after breakfast to conduct the tour on colourful cycle rickshaws. The rickshaw will twist and turn through the picturesque and vibrant lanes of Old Delhi to reach the ancient Hanuman temple. Here, our representative will help you to get a glass of Banta which is a delicious lemon based drink. This will refresh you and increase appetite.


    Kamla market is the place for sampling local delicacies like 'golgappas' and bhelpuri and roam the beautiful local market to admire henna paintings.


    Lunch will take place at ‘Aslam chicken’ which has been serving up delicacies since the late ’90s with an old legacy of secret recipe ‘Butter Chicken” cooked over a coal oven and dipped in rivers of spice and butter. It is served with 'roomali roti' (flatbread) or kulcha (special flatbread).


    For snacks, Kashyap in Kamla Nagar is famous for its 'bread pakoda' and 'aaloo tikee' (potato cakes) in tangy sauces and served with chutneys. An FM radio plays evergreen Hindi songs, adding to the cultural experience.


    The sweet tooth will be placed with the 'rabri kulfi' (home-made ice-cream) with 'falooda' from Chaudhury Sweets Corner.


  • Day 3: New Delhi to Amritsar, by air

    Our representative will pick you up in an air-conditioned vehicle with breakfast and bring you to M.M.Malviya Road. Lawrence road with its street carts and small eateries will immediately provide you with cold, refreshing lassi ( a drink made with yogurt and herbs) and 'puri-chhole' with aam papad (mango sweet bread).


    For lunch, our representative will take you to Kesar da Dhaba where the vegetarian Kulcha with tamarind chutney and 'daal makhni' will be lip-smacking,


    For snacks, the Golgappa (flavoured water and chhole in flour cups) and Kebabs will be the mouth-watering delicacies.


    Dinner will be a lip-smacking concoction of Amritsari fish and rice with sweet delicacies like 'Gud Halwa' and 'Gulab jamun'.


  • Day 4: Amritsar to Lucknow, by train

    The hub of Awadhi cuisine will be an unforgettable journey as our representative will take you straight to ‘Bawarchi Tola’ (colony of chefs) to begin the tour.


    Mubeen’s Pasanda will be the first step with marinated slivers of lamb, a beef roasted over charcoal will be served with Sheermal ( a special flat-bread with saffron in it ).


    Tundey’s Kebab with minced meat mixed with more than 160 secret spice will be cooked on a charcoal grill and served with Lucknow Paratha.


    Rehmat’s halwa will be the final stop with specialties like habshi halwa, Lauki Halwa and Kali Gajar Halwa providing delight to the sweet-loving people from all over the world.


    Our representative will ensure you reach the Lucknow airport in time.