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Unique Wildlife

Move over Big Cats, move over birds, whats next! Once you we have our regular filling of wildlife, we become a bit more greedy and look out for the rarely seen. Well, we say greed is good, and support you in your quest for these rare and unique wildlife.

These are not regular safaris, and done on a request basis only. Further, as with other wildlife, there are no guarantees of sightings but we use the best of our knowledge and logistics to help you cherish your cherished one. Following are some species we love to go after –


Indian One Horned Rhino

The best place to sight Indian one horned rhino in India is kaziranga national park in assam. It is classified as vulnerable by ICUN and the numbers have gradually decreased over the years. There are some other places also to sight the rhino particularly in assam, but the sightings are not as regular as kaziranga. Apart from rhinos, kaziranga is home to tigers, multitude of birds and macaques

Click here to Read more about Kaziranga national park and plan a trip.

African Serval Cat

Serval cat is a prized catch in plains of East Africa. We scout the plains of Masai Mara for this elusive small cat. While a regular safari yields you all the big Cats, but getting hold of this small Cat takes a lot of hard work, patience and a lot of luck. However we are as crazy as you in tracking down this small Cat and would go out of our way to fix your date with this beauty at Masai Mara. Did we say, no guarantees!

serval cat


Herping in India

Indian subcontinent boasts of housing approximately 10 percent of the total snake species found in the world, adding up to somewhere around 200 species in number. From warm seas to semi-deserts, swamps, lakes and even the Himalayan glaciers, one can find snakes in almost all the habitats in India. While most herping expeditions are taken on foot where we travel with a guide to spot the snakes of that region, it is not so common to come across snakes in wildlife safaris. In herping trips, we offer trips to Amboli which hosts a varied selection of western ghat snakes.
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Desert Fox

The white-footed fox, also known as the desert fox, is a small, Asiatic subspecies of red fox which occurs throughout most of northwestern Indian subcontinent. It is mostly found on sand-hills or in the broad sandy beds of semi-dry rivers, and only very rarely in fields, and then in the vicinity of sandy tracts. In India the following places are best for spotting this elusive mammal. Click on the below to read more and plan a trip.
Desert National Park
Tal Chappar Sanctuary

desert fox

apes of india

Hollock Gibbon in India

India is home to about 13 species of Monkeys. One of our favorite destinations is Hoollangapar Gibbon WLS in Assam, which hosts about 7 of these. Hollock Gibbon, which is India’s only ape species, is seen regularly at Hoolangapar and even Kaziranga.  To know more about these places and plan a trip, click on the links below.

Hoollangapar Gibbon WLS
Kaziranga National Park

Asiatic Lion in India

India is the last refuge of the of the Asiatic Lion in the wild. These are found in Gir national park in the western state of Gujarat. Gir has been a great conservation success story and today there are talks to relocate some of the Lions to other parks, as Gir is about to exceed its capacity to house Lions. Unlike Tigers in India, Lions at Gir are seen fairly easily and one would be really unlucky if one does not sight a Lion after spending 2-3 days at Gir.

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asiatic lion