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Classic Indonesia


There are so many gorgeous islands, diverse cultures and old UNESCO heritage sites in Indonesia that you may not want to go back even after this 14-day tour. And yet, we have tried to create this plan covering as much as possible about all the beautiful aspects of Indonesia, specially focussing on local culture, ancient ruins, excellent food, and incredible coastlines.

Trip Highlights

  • Family fun time at parks and lakes
  • Mouth-watering delicacies
  • Heritage sites to get insights into the history and culture of Indonesia
  • Activities like scuba diving that will give you an adrenaline rush
  • Mesmerizing panoramic views wherever you go


Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and the primary international airport in this country. (There are two other international airport terminals in Indonesia, one in Denpasar, near Lombok and another in Bali). Jakarta’s road traffic is famous, as there's no public transport system, so the only way to go around is to grab a scooter, uber or taxi to navigate. Taxis are quite low-cost! A 40-minute ride right into the city costs only about 125,000 rupiahs (just under USD 10). But do make sure that you take a reliable taxi service like Blue Bird. You can also hire the services of GoJek, which is a provider of hired mobility scooters, (like taxi/uber but with scooters).

Bandung is the capital of West Java Province in Indonesia and an eye-catching escape from the hussle and bussle from city life even for the locals of Jakarta. Located high in lush green hills, it was a favorite among the Dutch colonizers due to its cooler climate who set up the first tea plantations here and raised buildings that are fine samples of Art Deco (West meets East) architecture. The city has also established a name for itself in the field of art and creativity in recent times and is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

  • Tour a tea plantation
  • Visit Komunitas Hong (Hong Neighborhood) to find out about the local games and regional toys
  • Have lunch at Dusun Bambu, a family park with the most beautiful lake views and terrific food
  • Spend a mid-day off-roading
  • Explore Jayagiri in north Bandung
  • Listen to the impressive bamboo instruments at a show at Saung Mang Udjo (Udjo's Home)
  • End with dinner at Kampung Daun, an unique restaurant with rainforest-like setting and fantastic regional food

Yogyakarta is a favorite area in Indonesia with a wealth of natural marvels, local art, and ancient cultures. The city is commonly abbreviated as "Jogja" or "Jogyakarta" (as in Indonesian, y's are talked like j's) and has several tourist attractions to keep you occupied for several days. This is a must-see area if you like temples and intend to get Indonesian Batik fabric.

  • Get up at daybreak to climb up Candi Borobudur temple, a 9th-century Buddhist holy place.
  • Check out the three expressions of God at Candi Prambanan temple, which is a Hindu temple and UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Create batik material for yourself at Batik Plentong.

Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful, perfect ocean paradises on earth. The main islands, the Four Kings, cover 9.8 million acres of land and sea and lie in East Indonesia on the western side of Papua. Raja Ampat is a kind of "secret" paradise, known mainly in the divers’ community (best place for scuba diving, Indonesia) for its incredible aquatic biodiversity-- 540 species of coral reefs, over 1,000 species of coral reef fishes and 700 species of mollusks. For travelers, it is less popular also because of the multi-modal transportation needed to get there. But once you get here, time feels unreal and you just want to spend all day surrounded by sand and sunshine. If you can make it you should absolutely make this trip to Papua and enjoy one of the Earth's last paradises.

  • Scuba dive with giant manta rays, turtles and one of the most beautiful reefs in the world.
  • Feed the fish at Sawinggrai.
  • Go to the neighborhood of Arborek Village for snorkeling and local food (tree sap anyone?).
  • Take a walk around Pianemo Island for astonishing views

Lombok is one of the famous tourist destinations in Indonesia, known for clean beaches and endless options of sightseeing. To compare, Lombok is a lot more touristy and industrial (yet equally mesmerizing) while Raja Ampat is unblemished and resembles more to 'Castaway' kind of location.

  • Conquer the waves for a searching lesson at Selong Belanak Beach.
  • Buy local sarongs in the close-by industry.
  • Relax and enjoy the sunlight!

Gili is the cumulative name for three small islands off the coast of Lombok. The island Trawangan is known for its coastline swings. Gili is known for its lively nightlife and quite similar to Cancun. If you're looking forward to a girls’ trip or party- this is it! The whole island does not permit motorized transport so you can hop on a horse-drawn cart or lease a bike.

  • Bike around the island, picking up a pina colada or more.
  • Swing on the sea hammocks and swings
  • Loosen up by the swimming pool and have a gelato (there are tons of stands on the island, all are tasty).
  • When the sun drops, bar hop all night long!


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