Best of Tasmania


From camping in the national park area to exploring the cradle mountain, spend 7 days in Tasmania and its wilds.

Starting from the buzzing city of Hobart, this tour takes you on a ride through the wilder side of Australia’s island state. A drive down to Coles Bay gives you the chance to see the infamous Tasmanian Devil and experience the tranquil beauty of the Freycinet Peninsula with the Wineglass Bay Cruise. You get the unique experience of walking up to an island as you make your way to Diamond Island. On the other hand, the clear ocean of the Bay of Fires gives you a much-needed cooler during this adrenaline-pumping Tasmania road trip while also allowing you to get a peek at the Bicheno Penguins.

The challenging tour to Cradle Mountain and the drive to Launceston tie your Tasmanian trip with a nice little bow. The gorgeous Russell Falls and the tranquil Gordon River, along with the scenic beauty of the Tasmanian wilds, will fill your camera and album with stunning pictures.


Trip Highlights
  • Imprint your memory with the Island’s most well-known creature – the Tasmanian Devil
  • Drink in the beauty of the Freycinet Peninsula
  • Visit the picturesque red moss-covered rock formations at the Bay of Fires
  • Walk on the sandbar to the Diamond Island
  • Spot the Bicheno Penguins
  • Visit the most beautiful Russel Falls
  • Experience cradle mountain tour with walking tracks and rugged peaks
  • Explore the fishing town of Strahan
  • Go on the Gordon River cruise at the Franklin-Gordon National park

Day 1

Exploring the Hobart City

Offering a splendid blend of culture, scenery, and heritage, Hobart is the best start to your Tasmania road trip. Explore the nearby trails or visit the markets and shops to stock up for your road trip ahead.

Walk around the city to take in the sights of this buzzing city. Enjoy some of the best food and entertainment at the Salamanca market and the modern art at the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art).

Day 2

Exploring the Freycinet Peninsula

Your 7 days in Tasmania are incomplete without exploring Freycinet National Park, and that is what we do on Day 2 with a drive down to Coles Bay. Here, you have the option of camping within the park or at personal camping sites outside.

Spend a few days exploring the ins and outs of the park and its varied flora and fauna, including the Tasmanian Devil. Alternatively, you can go on the Wineglass Bay Cruise to drink in the stunning view of the Freycinet Peninsula. You can also go walking down the coastline or on a sea kayak tour.

Day 3

Walking over the Sandbar

We start the day with a drive down to Bicheno, where we will explore Diamond Island. Be ready to walk over a sandbar or wade through the water during low tides as you make your way to the island.

After a few hours of exploring the island, we head down to the Bay of Fires, where you can swim and relax. Here, you will find the picturesque red moss-covered rock formations that will make you fill your camera with pictures. Be ready to see some Bicheno penguins as you camp at a park near Binalong Bay.

Day 4

Cradle Mountain

Save some time for the marvelous Cradle Mountain tour and to explore the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park, located at 1,545m above sea level. Here you have an extensive selection of walking tracks, each leading to different attractions like Dove Lake, St. Clair Lake, and Marion's Lookout. The Cradle Mountain may not be the highest hill in Tasmania, but trekking up the mountain is a challenge with its rugged peaks.

Detour from the park to a 4+ hour drive to Launceston

Day 5


On day 5 of your Cradle Mountain tour, detour to the city of Launceston. Right in the heart of the town, you will find a slice of wilderness at the Cataract Gorge. The Gorge offers you a scenic wonder and is the perfect place to get that postcard photo. Those into art and museums have the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, whereas wildlife enthusiasts have Narawntapu National Park.

Alternatively, you can choose to continue exploring the many walking tracks of the Cradle Mountain Tour.

Day 6

Exploring the Fishing town of Strahan

After exploring the wilderness, take a breather in the fishing town of Strahan. Those eager to get back into the wilderness have Franklin-Gordon Wild River National Park, with its riveting landscapes and natural beauty. Here, Gordon River cruises are a must to take in the tranquil and stunning surroundings of the river. Henty Dunes is yet another destination option in Strahan.

Day 7

Mt. Field National park and Russell Falls

Fill the last day of your 7 days in Tasmania with excitement with a visit to Mt. Field National Park. Take a refreshing walk among the park's tall trees, drinking in the soothing colors and sounds of nature. Do not miss the beautiful falls in the park, especially Russell Falls. It is Tasmania's prettiest waterfall and a must-include in your Tasmanian trip album. At night or in the evening, be sure to enjoy the glowworms in the park area, which light up the area like hundreds of little stars.