Borneo Apes & Beach


Come Visit Paradise- Take a vacation to Borneo

If you’ve been thinking about a trip that’ll allow you to explore wildlife extraordinaire, come spend your holidays in Borneo with orangutans! Borneo is packed with excellent wildlife, and its rich Malaysian culture is bound to lure you in. The ten-day tour is curated specifically to give you maximum entertainment from the vacation. You’ll spend your time relaxing, observing endangered animals, visiting Borneo’s exquisite orangutans, going to National Parks, visiting the beach, and so much more. It’s no secret that holidays in Borneo with orangutans is going to be a fun-filled experience. Anybody from families, to friends to newlyweds, can enjoy this tour as it has something for everybody. With one of the most wildlife-rich equatorial forests in the world, exotic species endemic to Borneo and beautiful landscapes, the ten-day tour will give you loads of opportunities for some beautiful photographs and memorable experiences.

Trip Highlights
  • Exploring Sabah, where Borneo is located, is sure to be a magnificent experience for any wildlife enthusiast.
  • Visit the Mount Kinabalu National Park and its beautiful environments, against the backdrop of the famous Kinabalu Mountain.
  • Take leisure canopy walks, nature walks, and soak yourself in the rejuvenating Poring Hot Springs.
  • Get the chance to see the world’s largest flower- Rafflesia, a vibrantly red parasitic flower.
  • Visit Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, where orangutans are brought for safe shelter. Observe them as they learn the tricks of survival, jumping from one canopy to another.
  • Take an exciting boat trip straight into the heart of the jungle. Explore nocturnal wildlife!
  • Visit tranquil Lankayan Island and spend your days swimming, relaxing, or snorkeling.
  • You’ll also get a chance to see the adorable and endangered Sun bears in the Sunbear Sanctuary.

Days 1 - 3

Kinabalu National Park

Sabah occupies the Northern part of Borneo; your trip begins right here. Popular for the tall Mount Kinabalu, Sabah is a prime tourist spot in Borneo. Kota Kinabalu, the coastal capital of Sabah, is located at the foot of Mount Kinabalu and known for its never-ending hustle and bustle. Markets, boardwalks, and beaches are always close by so you can easily visit them to explore the city. You'll find that Kota Kinabalu's cuisine and culture reflect western influences. The entire city is a melting pot of flavors and aesthetics from different lands. You'll be taken to a comfortable accommodation on your arrival, and your ten-day tour will officially be afoot! The first stop in your 'holidays in Borneo with orangutans', is the Kinabalu National Park, which you'll visit the very next day. A guide will help you navigate the canopy walks high above the forest floor; you'll discover local wildlife, flora, and foliage that call this Park home. It sounds like a great start, doesn't it?

sun bear posing in bornean sun bear sanctuary, malaysia

lankayan island in sabah, malaysia

Days 3 - 6


Explore the best of the holidays in Borneo with orangutans! The Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre is the best place to learn about these hairy creatures in-depth. You'll set out as part of a small group in the morning, and visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre with a guide who'll explain everything to you. During feeding time, you'll be close to the orangutans so that you can observe them in great detail, yet far enough for protection measures. After having a fun-filled experience visiting the energetic orangutans, you'll make a stop at Sunbear Sanctuary. Sun-bears are smaller than the average bear, have black fur, and are very adorable to watch. Sadly, they have become an endangered species today. After a visit to Sepilok, another exciting adventure awaits. You'll be spending two nights on a boat, in a wooden lodge, on the riverbank, deep within the jungle. You'll have the best view for all the different animals that inhabit this region, including, but not limited to monkeys, crocodiles, monitor lizards, sun bears, hundreds of species of tropical birds, and even pygmy elephants! Imagine your days filled with the sounds of the jungle and boat rides in the morning and evening. Your guide will answer all your queries and help you spot as many of the wild inhabitants as possible. After a three-day-long unforgettable exile, you'll head towards Sandakan. You'll reach your accommodation somewhere around lunch-time; relax for the rest of the day. Get ready for the next part of your holidays in Borneo with Orangutans.

orangutans enjoying bananas in sepilok orangutan sanctuary, malaysia

Days 6 - 9

Lankayan Island

Our next, and arguably your favorite spot is Lankayan Island. Situated just north of Sandakan, you'll have the time of your life in this secluded paradise down by the Sulu Sea. You'll have the time of the world just lazing around, exploring the island, swimming in the clear water, sun-bathing on the sandy white beaches, and so much more! Many projects and alternatives exist for you to dive or snorkel in the Sea; the world beneath the Sea is mysterious and breath-taking. If you're super lucky, you might even catch a volunteer group releasing baby turtles into the Sulu Sea for their first swim. Enjoy delicious meals and beautiful sunsets at Lankayan Island. On your last day, you'll be checking out of your accommodation early in the morning to leave for Sandakan.

group of pig-tailed macaque on feeding time in sepilok orangutan rehabilitation centre, borneo, malaysia

Day 10


Departure from Sandakan to the nearest airport for your flight home.

hikers at the top of mount kinabalu in sabah, malaysia