Classic Maldives  Classic Maldives tour

Classic Maldives


One of the best ways to explore the amazing island of Maldives is by sea and this eight-day itinerary ensures that you get to make the best of your Maldives honeymoon package. Along with exploring the South Male and Vaavu Atolls at Male, you will also get to luxuriate and enjoy the customized rooms of the boat, equipped with crew members who are trained to serve you in the best meals of your choice. While stopping at the fishing villages, you will explore the seafood specialties of this nation and taste the joy of catching your dinner! With plenty of opportunities for a good swim and snorkel, this Maldives tour might just be one of the great vacation plans you make!

Trip Highlights

  • Enjoy the gentle breeze of the sea and beautiful view of the dolphins as you travel on your Catamaran cruise
  • Learn about the various fish varieties and the joy of catching your dinner at the fishing villages of Malle
  • Explore the South Male and Vaavu Atolls in Male
  • Taste the various seafood options and specialties of the Maldives prepared especially for you by the well-trained crew aboard
  • Enjoy your time between swimming, snorkeling, relaxing at the beach and exploring the beautiful city of Malle


Day 1

Arrival at Male

Once you arrive at Male, our representative will be ready to pick you up from the airport and to guide you to your accommodation for the next week. After showing you around the Catamaran, the first day of the Maldives tour begins as the trip to reach the South Atoll begins. Up until anchorage, the journey is your time to relax and enjoy each other’s company along with the beautiful view of the sea and the dolphins. Once we reach Guraidhoo, you are free to explore the island, and the various activities it has to offer include swimming, fishing, and snorkeling.

Day 2

Guraidhoo Sightseeing

The day begins with an early breakfast followed by a tour of Guraidhoo, one of the many villages of South Atoll. This includes learning about the everyday lives of the people who live here, a visit to their school and Mosque and boatyard, where you can learn how ‘Dhoni’, a common wooden boat is built. After exploring Guraidhoo, it’s time to go back to the cruise for lunch. Following lunch, it’s time to travel toward Fulidhoo at Vaavu Atoll. Until we reach Vaavu Atoll, it is time for leisure and fun, to explore the fun activities aboard and enjoy the happy dolphins in the sea or visit a seabank, go for a swim, etc.

Day 3

Visit Vaavu Atoll

The third day of the Maldives tour starts with a scrumptious breakfast aboard, followed by a trip through Vaavu Atoll. In the afternoon, you will get to explore another one of the southern fishing villages, where, along with exploring the locals and specialties, you will also get to taste ‘Hedika’ a sweet served with black tea.

Day 4

Leisure time on Sandbanks

The fourth day we stop for a leisurely day spent exploring the sandbanks of Malle followed by a fun lesson in Maldivian fishing from the local fishermen.

You will get to experience the joy of catching your dinner for the night!

Day 5

Explore Islands

This day is spent exploring the islands of Malle, where you will get to snorkel with a variety of sea life to keep you company! Enjoy a visit from the nurse-eyed shark and big-eyed turtles as you snorkel and swim in Malle’s waters.

The rest of the day is spent exploring the city with the help of a local guide.

Day 6

Look Around South Male Atoll

The sixth day of the Maldives tour is spent enjoying the cruise and it’s various activities as we journey through the South Male Atoll.

Enjoy time with each other, explore the diverse menu aboard, and don’t forget to capture pictures of the beauty of the islands on the way!

Day 7

Explore and Enjoy Male

After having breakfast on board, the morning is yours to explore, snorkel, or swim. After a relaxed morning and a light lunch, you will get to explore the waters of the Hulhumale Lagoon.

The day concludes with a trip to Male and a farewell dinner.

Day 8


After an early breakfast, the Maldives tour concludes with a morning checkout.

You will be transferred to the Male Airport to catch your departure flight back home.