Costa Rica Beach & Birds


Costa Rica is a diverse country in Central America known for its lush, undisturbed rainforests, and its variety of bird species. Being one of the world’s nine best birding destinations, Costa Rica is a destination where you will come across several rare and endangered winged beasts like Toucans and Quetzals, etc. Aside from birds, Costa Rica travel is an eventful journey of forest adventures, water sports, and much more.


Your Costa Rica all-inclusive 8-day tour is filled with adrenaline-pumping fun and excitement. Some of the activities which you can explore are class III river rafting, rappelling down a 70-foot waterfall, and surfing at the Playa Cocles beach. From living in a jungle cabana, surrounded by thick forest, to climbing up to the canopy and hiking in the jungle mountains, the tour is one that will imprint in your memory for years to come. With an opportunity to discover flora and fauna of Costa Rica, the tour will fill your album with some beautiful pictures and memories.

Trip Highlights
  • The ultimate experience of living in a jungle cabana
  • Climbing the Kapok tree in Selva Bananito Reserve
  • Hiking deep into the jungle for the thrill-seekers
  • Exploring the largest coral reef system in Costa Rica
  • Rafting at class III-IV whitewater of River Pacuare
  • Rappelling down a 70-foot waterfall in the Selva Bananito Reserve
  • Horseback riding and learning organic tropical farming techniques
  • Surfing and snorkeling at Playa Cocles beach

Day 1

Arriving at San Jose

Day 1 of your tour starts with your arrival at San Jose. Enjoy your stay at one of the luxurious Costa Rica beach resorts. Relax in your hotel room with a cup of their famous gourmet coffee or enjoy the local attractions if you choose to do some self-exploration.

Days 2 - 3

Adventure in the rainforests

On the second day of your Costa Rica all-inclusive tour, you will head towards the Caribbean to the Selva Bananito Reserve for a few days of jungle adventure in Costa Rica's most refreshing and pristine rainforests. Here, you will live in a jungle cabana and have a delicious meal of locally grown food in candlelight dinners.


You will get the chance to climb a Kapok tree, entering the world of the rainforest canopy. If you are into gardening, there is the horseback ride through the adjacent family farm, where you will learn the techniques of organic tropical farming. Thrill-seekers can hike deep into the jungle to the 70-foot waterfall, choosing to rappel down it and enjoy the view of the rainforest from above.

Day 4

Fun at the Beach

Day 4 of your Costa Rica all-inclusive tour starts with some more rainforest adventures in the morning. Later, we will head down to the beautiful white sand beach of Playa Cocles. Known for its laid-back atmosphere, a visit to the beach will relax you.


You can choose to walk on the shore of the 4 km long beach, dipping your legs in the water and enjoying the distant horizon. However, if you love swimming, the beach is the perfect place to take a dip. What's more? You can swim with the colorful fishes through snorkelling!


For the ones who prefer riding the wave, the lovely beige beach offers excellent conditions for surfing. Alternatively, you can simply choose to sunbathe and get some tan as you relax with some juice.

Day 5

Free day

Today is a free day in your tour, allowing you to fill your Costa Rica travel diary as you please. You can choose to study the canopy surrounding the lodge, looking for tropical creatures like Howler Monkeys. If you haven't had enough of the beach fun from the fourth day, today you can enjoy some relaxing beach time or go sea kayaking.


Alternatively, you can also walk around the rainforest or go zip lining down the canopy. On the other hand, you can also go bird watching within the edge of the forest and see several species of birds, including Boat-billed Herons and Black-and-white Hawks.

Day 6

Hiking and Snorkeling at Cahuita

Day 6 starts with your visit to the Cahuita National Park. Here you can swim beside a fascinating and large array of tropical fish, stingrays, and reef sharks as you explore the national park. An hour-long snorkel ends with you relaxing on the beachside with some local food and drinks.


After proper rest, explore nature with an hour-long trek into the rainforests. During the hike, you will see the area's fauna that includes monkeys, sloths, iguanas, poison dart frogs, and birds like Toucans and Heron, and much more.

Day 7

River Rafting

The morning of day 7 starts with heading to River Pacuare for river rafting. The river is a class III-IV whitewater, one of the most exciting rafting trips for adventurers. As you raft on the river, you will pass through the magnificent mountain gorges and the undisturbed rainforest and get a chance to behold Howler monkeys, toucans, sloths, and much more.


For beginners, kids, and those looking for a slower rafting pace can opt for a tamer river like the class I Peñas Blancas River. The river provides a pleasing float and a view of birds like spectacled owls and herons and animals like sloths, caimans, monkeys, and long-nosed bats.

Day 8

Heading Back Home

Day 8 marks the official end of your tour as you head back home with the wonderful memories of your Costa Rica travel adventures and the country's beaches and rainforests. You can shop in the local markets just before your departure, collect souvenirs for memories, and enjoy some hearty local food before bidding goodbye to the land of rainforests.