Costa Rica Bird Photography


Costa Rica, the hummingbird capital of the world, is an amalgamation of beautiful beaches, dormant volcanoes, adventurous national parks, and of course, a thriving environment for fifty different species of hummingbirds alone. Costa Rica is home to more than eight hundred and twelve species of birds; no wonder it’s a paradise for those interested in photographing hummingbirds or all the other different species of majestic animals the rainforests have to offer.


In Costa Rica, you’ll find different kinds of landscapes and abundant scenic beauty to refresh your mind and soul. What better way to spend your time here than indulge in some good old-fashioned Costa Rica photography? With a knowledgeable photo guide to birds of Costa Rica aiding you throughout your photography tour, you’ll be successful in clicking some beautiful and coveted photographs of hummingbirds, the diverse fauna of Costa Rica rainforest and the majestic quetzal in all its glory.

Trip Highlights
  • Get mentored by an avid bird-life photographer, with national and international acclaim.
  • Explore the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest. Click pictures of birds, animals, and flowers while staying amidst nature.
  • Step into the world of Costa Rica photography as you snap your shutters at monkeys, guans, and a large species of flowers in the Atlantic Forest.
  • Explore flora and fauna of the Central Volcanic Range Cloud Forest.
  • Get a chance to shoot the elusive hummingbird at the Central Volcanic Range Cloud Forest.
  • A three-day photography adventure at the Talamanca Range Cloud Forest, and capture the majestic quetzal.
  • Learn about the different species of birds that you clicked throughout the tour.

Day 1

Arrival in Costa Rica

As soon as you arrive in Costa Rica, you'll be introduced to your tour skipper. He/she will be your mentor and a photo guide to the birds of Costa Rica. Their sheer depth of knowledge when it comes to hummingbird photography setup will surprise you!

Feel free to test your photography skills on the orchids, and birds as you breathe in the fresh air of nature.

Day 2

Trip to Atlantic Lowland Rainforest

Right after you've had a delicious breakfast, you'll head down to the Atlantic Lowland Rainforest. This forest, located along the Caribbean Coast, is a hotbed for wildlife and bird-life diversity. Brush up your skills by trying your hand at clicking photographs of birds at the feeders. After this, get ready for a super-fun and interactive session with your team skipper.

If you have doubts about the hummingbird photography setup or birding in general, ask away!

Days 3 - 4

A day full of photography at Atlantic Lowland Rainforest

The unique ecological diversity of the forest will bring you innumerable opportunities to capture the beautiful flora and fauna. You'll see many Montezuma oropendolas flying around; their deep maroon plumage will make for aesthetic photographs.

Take photographs of the blue toucan-collared aracari, the black-crested guan, and monkeys in the natural light of the rainforest.

Days 5 - 7

Exploring the Central Volcanic Range Cloud Forest

Start your day with a hearty breakfast and hike on the Cloud Forest trail. After you check in to your luxurious lodge for lunch, get back to bird-watching and click photographs of glorious macaws in their natural habitat. These brightly-coloured birds will photograph splendidly. Engage with the tour skipper in an insightful session on flash-based setups for wildlife photography.

Indulge yourself in the wildlife of Costa Rica rainforests, and behold the mighty volcanoes from a close range.

Day 8

Photographing hummingbirds at the Cloud Forest

Use the knowledge you learned about wildlife photography and implement multiple-flash based setups when clicking photographs of hummingbirds. The skippers of your team will guide you every step of the way. Use natural floral beauty to bring out a sweet contrast of colors in your photographs.

When you're done for the day, relax, take a walk, and explore the landscape.

Days 9 - 10

A photography trip to the waterfall at Cloud Forest

Go crazy, clicking pictures of birds and foliage, against the backdrop of a gushing waterfall. Have fun experimenting with your multiple-flash studio.

Indulge in landscape and hummingbird photography, and a grand picnic-style lunch at the waterfall!

Days 11 - 13

Heading over to Talamanca Range Cloud Forest

After an early breakfast, take a trip to the Talamanca Range Cloud Forest and spend the afternoon trailing the Resplendent Quetzal, a bird famous for its neon green plumage. Catch these iridescent birds on branches or flying from one tree to another. The next morning will be spent trying to spot these birds for better photographs. Get the chance to click pictures of new species of birds, brought to you by feeders.

The third day might require some multitasking between bird-watching, exploring the flora of the Cloud rainforest, and experiencing wild nature at the tip of your fingers.

Days 14 - 16

Going back to San Jose

Once you are done exploring the vivid forests and wildlife of Costa Rica, head back to the capital city to get a taste of the local cuisine and culture. Indulge into some local attractions, try your hand at bird-photography one last time from the comforts of your hotel, and reminiscence about the week-long adventure. After lunch, sit down for a session of cataloguing, classifying, naming, and post-processing of the images.

Enjoy a grand farewell dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Day 17


Enjoy the pristine climate of Costa Rica one last time while successfully preserving a bird watcher's utopia in your photo-album, for eternity.